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Sorcery - Stunt Rock Soundtrack

Stunt Rock Soundtrack
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 17 August 2022, 5:48 AM

The use of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal on soundtracks of films isn’t something new ate all. Such thing is done since the 60’s, as one can check on THE BEATLES age (“Help”, “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Yellow Submarine” are fine examples), and many others. And here in hand, a new release for “Stunt Rock” (a 1978’s film) soundtrack, all done by the North American act SORCERY. The band plays a form of North American Hard Rock with the crude energy and weighty of traditional heavy Metal, and it wouldn’t be a sin to say that it’s similar to a heavier BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, but keeping the melodic hooks of the genre. Obviously that younger Metalheads will have a hard time dealing with such old form of music, but for those that are older than 50, this album surely will have a deep and strong appeal.

The production, as expected, is what one could ask of something recorded back in the final years of the 70’s: raw and organic. It’s a very good recording, indeed, and it can help the understanding why it’s not easy to emulate such sonority (the best thing to do: to play as in the 70’s, and let the sound engineer do what he knows). It’s good, besides moldy (again: what one can expect of an old recording?). There are eleven very good songs that depicts the cauldron that were boiling on those days, preparing the coming of NWOBHM on Europe and US Metal invasion on the early days of the 80’s. Take a bit on the heavy melodic weight of “Sacrifice” (what lovely catchy rhythms, showing how bass guitar and drums were playing great), the greasy and catchy appeal of “Wizard’s Council” and “Talking to the Devil” (both with very good guitars), “Book of Magic” with its solid rhythms, the deeper and melodic approach used on “Stuntrocker” (very good vocals and guitar arrangements), “Bird Song” (a classic 70’s Folk/Pop Rock song, focused on clean arrangements and a Southern energy), and “Power Mad” and enjoy the ride into the past (besides the music is always a refreshing experience). “Stunt Rock” soundtrack comes at a good time, and shows what SORCERY has to offer.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Sacrifice
2. Wizard’s Council
3. Talking to the Devil
4. Burned Alive
5. Book of Magic
6. Stuntrocker
7. Mark of the Beast
8. Bird Song
9. Wicked City
10. Woman
11. Power Mad
Greg McGee - Vocals
Richard Taylor - Guitars
Richie King - Bass
Doug Loch - Keyboards
Perry Morris - Drums
Record Label: RidingEasy Records


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