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Sordid Blade - Every Battle Has Its Glory

Sordid Blade
Every Battle Has Its Glory
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 November 2022, 1:01 PM

In the past, specifically in the 70’s and 80’, for a band record their musical work on an album was something that demanded some ‘callus’ of the experience of playing on the underground scene and releasing Demo Tapes until they could cause commotion enough in the among the Metal fans for a label (usually, an independent label) come and could grant them the chance. This is the way things happened to METALLICA, VENOM, OVERKILL, OMEN, and many others you can think of. Today, due the democratic experiences given by digital technologies, the need for ‘callus’ disappeared, and a young act as Swedish SORDID BLADE can record an album as “Every Battle Has Its Glory”. Their musical work is based on an Old School Heavy Metal form labeled as Epic Heavy Metal. These words mean that their musical efforts are based on a set of heavy and catching melodies used with a heavy embodiment, with a simple technical approach (what doesn’t mean that it’s something done ‘in-one-breath’ approach).

The choruses are easy to remember, the instrumental arrangements are really very good (even based on old musical clichés), and the band’s music is heavy and truly seductive. But the vocals need to improve in the future to fit in a better way (they’re good, but not 100% what the band’s music needs). The sound engineering was done by Kim Ekvall Lattik, and Magnus Jönsson did the mixing (and helped in the recordings of the drums as well). And the guys tried to bind together the old feeling of the past, but with sound quality that has defined tunes, heavy and never as something that emulates the past. The final result is really very good, indeed.

The album, as a first release of a young band (they have only one year of activity), is very good, as stated by songs as “Unbreakable Bonds” (what lovely melodies and chorus, based upon a very good work of the guitars on the riffs and solos), “Mighty Old Star” (a strong song built upon a solid rhythm set created by bass guitar and drums), “Hidden Enthronement” (a faster song with some Old School Power Metal touches on the melodies), “My Guarded Home” (another one with some touches of Old School Power Metal, but with abrasive energy flowing from the guitars), and “Lonesome Rider”. They need to sharp their music in a better way in the future, because the whole idea given is that they’re still in an embryonic stage.

The name of SORDID BLADE is that kind that one can expect great things of them in the future. Adjusting the vocals and sharping their efforts, the idea will be that “Every Battle Has Its Glory” was just the beginning.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Mordian Winds
2. Unbreakable Bonds
3. Mighty Old Star
4. Hidden Enthronement
5. Halfway to Heaven
6. Kiolsvarf
7. My Guarded Home
8. Every Battle Has Its Glory
9. Lonesome Rider
Niklas Holm - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Micael Zetterberg - Drums
Record Label: Cruz Del Sur Music


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