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Sores – Sores

by Aurora Kuczek at 30 June 2020, 1:15 PM

Hailing from Greece, comes forth SORES, a black metal band that formed in 2017. Last year, SORES released their first self-titled album, “Sores,” after releasing two separate demo projects back in 2017. Although a shorter album, the piece manages to capture the band’s concepts that lie in an atmosphere of despair and grave dullness. The album is rooted in sounds that are truly raw and original sounding, rather than a heavily edited and produced album. SORES allows the listeners’ mind to wander through the tracks, as the sounds tend to repeat – rarely venturing outside of their comfort zone. The album is representative of the genre, and there is little diversification from this.

Eyes Turned Black” formulates a crepuscular night. Under the light of the moon, creatures lurk in the ancient darkness. Although not melodic, the track’s ideas are memorable and exhibit intense, emotional, connections through the guitars and bass movements. Drums are faded in the backdrop, but understood through a keen ear. Tremolo picking dances through a barren forest, and the track changes its tune to a lower atmosphere. The voice screams and is echoed as if it were located in a sunken chamber. A slight melody appears, before dissipating as if it never were. The piece is a medieval strangeness; perhaps the most unique is the way the voice screams into the night, and the guitars flow under it like an oil.

Drowned” begins with echoed drums, clashing cymbals against the air that cannot be grasped. But it is barely audible. The track almost sounds as if it were recorded in one take, which gives a rawer interpretation. The notes bounce from place to place as the tempo changes rapidly. It is multifaceted but predictable. Pieces of an unformed melody are set in the track like fragments that never add much of anything, and end up fading. Guitars continue to repeat the same few notes. “Wounds Of Absence” starts with a simple, melodious, tune. Drums are energetic and skillful. Similar to the previous tracks, the guitars repeat the same tune over again that the track began with. In the breakdown, guitars do go up in scale with their tremolo picking. Layers are added to the piece. It is essentially the similar idea played over again with very few changes to the overall mood of the track. Bass notes appear to ground the ideas. The track ends with randomly placed notes. Continuing the dim, lingering, emotions.

Lost In The Void Of My Creation” grows a bit harsher in its musical reality. Spacious guitars roam the valley. They are simple, yet powerful with the baselines. The vocals scream terribly, awakening all who sleep. The breakdown is a mixture of static and drumbeats, just verging on what could have been an ancestral-like conversation. Although the track features the same evolution as the previous ones, its natural-like vocals and the patterns of the drums are what make the album. Tremolo picking follows a simple, low-noted, design. It ends with an unearthly concept as the darkness fades.

SORES’s “Sores” is a simpler album consisting of distinctive, yet dismal, melodies. Although the tracks do not allow for much note differentiation within the individual pieces, as a whole, the tracks follow distinguished vocal and drum patterns that allow the project to exhibit a natural or raw sensation.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Eyes Turned Black
2. Drowned
3. Wounds of Absence
4. Lost in the Void of My Creation
N.D. – Guitars and Drums
Sacrilegious – Vocals and Lyrics
Record Label: Nihilistische KlangKunst


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Edited 08 July 2020

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