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Sorguinazia - Negation of Delirium

Negation of Delirium
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 15 November 2021, 12:24 PM

Sometimes, people must have contact with bands that are playing in a way extremely near of the roots of a Metal genre. It’s to keep contact with the very essence of it. As an example: You won’t truly understand what Prog Metal is about without having contact with works of bands as RUSH, QUEENSRYCHE and FATES WARNING. The same happens with every Metal genre you can think of, and with Black Metal, the things are even clearer: no one is able to speak and write about it properly without hearing bands that have roots on the works of the past. And this is the importance of names as the Canadian duet SORGUINAZIA. Their first album, “Negation of Delirium”, is an example of what Black Metal really is on its inner essence.

They have a work based on the early ways of the second wave of the genre, especially taking influences from names as MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE and BATHORY, and their approach is nasty, crude and brutal, with cutting-freezing and remarkable guitar riffs, simple rhythmic work and nasty shrieked vocals. It’s the classic and cold approach of the past, but with a new life the duet imposes to their music. For many Metal fans, it’s unbearable, but for those who are into what the genre is on its deeper core, it’s a feast! As usual for Black metal acts in such way, they use a crude and nasty sonority. And it’s a pity, because it can make the understanding of what’s being played hard. Of course that people who are introduced to albums as “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” and “Under a Funeral Moon” will have no problems, but it could be done in a better and defined way.

Musically, these seven songs keep the genre’s classic approach, as can be heard on the abrasive and nasty guitar parts of “Black Spell of Supremacy” (the guitar arrangements are really rich on this one) and “Conquering Skies”, the piledriving and simple rhythms of “Ecstatic Karmic Impunity”, the chilling cold ambience of “The Negation of Delirium” (where the snarls and shrieks of the vocals can be understood in a better way), and “Neuromancy”. On this album, nothing is new and different from the usual classic Black Metal, but it’s played with heart and done with personality.

For now, SORGUINAZIA is a good name and a keeper of the old flame of the genre, and “Negation of Delirium” is a good album for Black Metal fans. But some improvements on the sonority must be done in the future releases.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Black Spell of Supremacy
2. Conquering Skies
3. Ecstatic Karmic Impunity
4. The Negation of Delirium
5. Death Entrancing
6. Saraswati
7. Neuromancy
Xolaryxis - Vocals, Guitars
Axczor - Vocals, Drums, Bass
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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