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Sorrows Path - The Rough Path Of Nihilism

Sorrows Path
The Rough Path Of Nihilism
by Maria Voutiriadou at 30 November 2010, 1:11 PM

SORROWS PATH is the ‘bulletproof’ demonstration of hard work, Job’s patience and truthful faith; this Athenian doom Metal quartet from Greece just proved to many new born groups out there that you have to pass through iron and fire to get what you deserve, or not and then, live and go on with it. Fortunately, in SORROWS PATH case, we have a winner. After 14 years of non stop work and apparent improvement, Angelos Ioannidis and the boys get over their bad past and the tragic events that haunting them for years and finally, found the golden fount to drink the covetable water of success and press’ recognition with the first full length release of “The Rough Path Of Nihilism”, an album that will change your doom Metal point of view for sure!

‘Let there be light’ and suddenly, the entire room was lighten this ‘path of sorrow’. 12 excellent compositions of authentic power doom Metal lying inside the CD with leaders the dramatic vocals, the unstoppable heavy Metal riffage, the pointing bass and the blow-minding drums, making “The Rough Path Of Nihilism” an essential need for every doomster, inside and outside the Greek borders. From “All Love Is Lost” that opens the album and the eerie (for the doom Metal culture) “Fetish”, till the very keyboard-ing “Getting Closer” and the unfaithful “Prostitute” (I really loved this one!), you are gonna find piece of mind and soul’s exaltation, satisfying the doom Metal standards and beyond, touching the gnarled music paths of MEMENTO MORI and MEMORY GARDEN in some tracks, bringing out the majesty of CANDLEMASS and SOLITUDE AETERNUS in others.

But every victory is a matter of details: so, here we meet the crystal clear production of the German label Rock It Up Records, the awesome, atmospheric album artwork thanks to Seth Siro Anton (PARADISE LOST, MOONSPELL, SOILWORK, EXODUS) and of course, lots of inspiration that hasn’t the tension to reproduce older sounds of Doom Metal legends; on the contrary, the music directions are wandering about music experimentation and fresh elements, making the result a divine gift for our ears. We can find lots of Eastern oriented guitar-wise themes, atmospheric keyboards with a gothic touch, having Vangelis Yalamas as a guest musician and the well-worked obscure vocals that filled up nicely the entire picture of the debut SORROWS PATH album.

“The Rough Path Of Nihilism” is a masterpiece debut album waited for the light so long from a band that worked so hard and had so many barriers in the way and now, the time has come. I can not classify it between the top releases for 2010 because it’s a single category by itself but I could surely tell that is an album deserving your attention and pay you back to the maximum. I wish SORROWS PATH all the best for their continuing journey and I hope to catch them soon on the road.

“You cursed my soul to rot in misery
The answer now, I have to give…”

4 Star Rating

  1. All Love Is Lost
  2. The Beast (S.P.R.)
  3. Honestly…
  4. Fetish
  5. Dirty Game
  6. Mr. Holy
  7. Getting Closer
  8. Queen Of Doom
  9. Prostitute
  10. Hymn Of Differentiation
  11. Empty Eyes And Blackened Hearts
  12. Nihilism
Angelos Ioannidis - Vocals
Kostas Salomidis - Guitar
Stavros Giannakos - Bass
Fotis Mountouris - Drums
Giannis Tziligkakis - Guitar
Record Label: Rock It Up Records


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