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Soul Remnants - Ouroboros

Soul Remnants
by Clarissa "Wulf" Wright at 16 October 2017, 1:05 PM

From the outskirts of Boston in Massachusetts (USA), SOUL REMNANTS have been creating death metal music since 2003. Beginning with their debut release of “Plague of the Universe” in 2009, they have continued to combine American death metal with Scandinavian black metal. To some, they are known for their song “Dead Black (Heart of Ice)” which was featured in the well-known video game “Rock Band 4” (unsurprisingly, the heaviest track on the game!).

Their newly released album “Ouroboros” shows a rustic looking illustration on its album cover. It features a strange figure with some pixelation on its head, which I find quite confusing and sinister at the same time. The first track “Mechanical Synapse Modulations” jumps straight into speedy, death metal energy. Impressive workings of the double-kick pedal, blast beats and guitar solos introduce us to the intensity that is to follow. I notice how the vocals are not overly emphasized but quickly grumble and add percussion to the music.

The second track “Regurgitated and Consumed” made a cracking impact with its tight and heavy intro. Continuing with the speediness, the rhythms differ to the first track and are especially head-bang friendly. “Depravity’s Lock” is deeper, and slightly slower with cranked up bass, where the vocals rumble deeply. Many transitions follow in what is a concise time-experiment. Towards the closing of the track, the guitars really reel up into some higher-pitched, sustained sounds, making it feel like gravity is starting to cease.

“Dissolving into Obscurity” stands out with intense speed and heaviness, fueled by crunching riffs and gravity-blasting drums. I find the drums especially impressive here, with tight fills and rolls of the snare.  As the song draws to a close, it becomes more and more experimental. “Decomposition” differs from the previous tracks, as it is a slowed down performance of acoustic and electric guitar, in a melancholic mood. Here, we can stop for a breather until the final track unleashes its fury. “False Kingdom of Prophecy” comes down like a pile of bricks, drawing us into a mechanical experimentation, with varied guitar transitions, and quick pauses that sharpen the sound.

For SOUL REMNANTS, heaviness is never lost with speed in their recent album “Ouroboros.” Here, the band delves into experimental melodies and timings. What first sounds like chaos, is in fact systematic order, at a heavy and technical level. All instruments sound clear, produced at a high quality, making it easier to hear the structure that underlies the whirlpool of this music.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Mechanical Synapse Modulations
2. Regurgitated and Consumed
3. Depravity’s Lock
4. Walled City
5. Mental Tourniquet
6. Echoes of Insanity
7. Dissolving into Obscurity
8. Decomposition
9. False Kingdom of Prophecy
Mitch Fletcher – Vocals
Thomas Preziosi - Guitar
Chad Fisher – Guitar
Ryan Murphy – Bass
Colin Conway – Drums
Record Label: eOne/Lifeblood Records


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