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Soulnerve - The Dying Light Award winner

The Dying Light
by Matt Coe at 25 August 2014, 1:26 AM

Melodic Thrash Metal is the style here – but there are definitely distinct elements from all sides of the metal map within these 10 songs. The New Wave of Thrash Metal, more modern-sounding, comes through on the chorus of the title cut, the TRIVIUM meets KILLSWITCH ENGAGE nature of “Scavengers” or the commercial-oriented riff/ melody match up during the majority of “Delirium (Forever Bound)”. On the other hand you have killer harmonies and timing at hand during the instrumental “Lost” that would meld the best of METALLICA and the early Gothenburg Metal scene (IN FLAMES, AT THE GATES) and the first song “They Come For Us All” has a lot of those jackhammer crushing chord combinations and uppity Thrash tempos that we’ve all known and loved since the early Bay Area 80’s.

Employing two distinct vocalists allows SOULNERVE to cover all facets of the Heavy scene – be it caustic screaming, gang parts, or natural clean melodic vocals. Both Kevin and Koen have their charm and place in this unit – and I believe their high quality work matches Stephan’s incredible twin harmonies, solid drumming, and fine transitions. The title cut for instance has a weird off-time drum pattern during the instrumental sections, lots of little twin guitar melodies, and the cat and mouse extreme to clean singing that makes the 5:10 arrangement seem to move by in half the time.

Professional in all aspects of recording, tones, production, cover art, and performance – “The Dying Light” could be a sleeper hit in the Melodic Thrash community.



4 Star Rating

1. They Come For Us All
2. The Dying Light
3. My Demise
4. Scavengers
5. Delirium (Forever Bound)
6. Lost
7. Beyond the Sun
8. End of the Line
9. We Are the Voice
10. Salvation
Kevin Klaassen – Vocals
Koen Vroom – Clean Vocals
Stephan Brus – Guitars, Bass, Drums
Record Label: Independent


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