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Soulslicer - Pandemic

by Ricardo Casagrande at 07 December 2022, 1:55 PM

SOULSLICER is a death metal band from the eastern coastal region of France called Bretagne. The band came together in 2020 and like a lot of metal bands throughout the world, they have used the pandemic as a source of lyrical themes and relieving frustration, anger and uncertainty through their music. The band released two singles off their first full length album in early spring and the middle of summer this year and now there are six more apocalyptical/zombie filled tracks to bang your head to.

With any album that has related themes to the pandemic is it safe to say the music will contain aggressive, anxiety inducing and a release of frustrations throughout the release. And this seems to be no different as heard in the first track “Forsaken Sanctuary”. The vocals carry an angry demonic tone with a deep growl that best suits the music, while the guitars seem to have a punk influence to it and the drums at times also. The riffs are decent but won’t knock your socks off and there is a well timed and executed solo. “Soulslicer(Your Time, Your War)” is a classic death metal track to bang your head to. The song contains speed with guitars throughout, but the guys dial back the momentum on the main riff towards the end, letting the notes ring out and it works very well. The drums are solid along with the bass creating a solid foundation for the song.

Flesh Eternal” offers up a little more depth of songwriting as it opens with some rhythmic drums and timely single guitar notes before mutating into double bass drums and catchy hooks. The song represents the majority of the music on the release but the final two minutes is a tranquil descent, the casual stroll through the once bustling streets that are now abandoned, along with the uncertain mix of emotions. Only fitting to create death metal chaos as the next track “Irradiate Your Soul” opens up. More solid guitar work on this track with unsettling tones and a classic formed riffs placed on top of rapid double bass. “Armies” is the first single to be put out by the group and it shows the potential of the band as it is a decent track with thrash elements and galloping riffs. The second single was “Radioactive Grave” and is more of a slow burn with harsh trembling vocals. The track does stand out on the release as it is a different style in comparison to the previous songs. With rumbling bass and a consistent stuck in the mud rhythm, the band is able to be creative with fills and solos.

For a first full release as a band, like their previous singles, show potential with classic death metal riffs and well formed songs. Could use a little more bass for more depth at times but not something to complain about. You would need more material for this but the vocals seem a little forced, but that might be just how they are, a live performance would give a better idea into that. But this is a positive eight track album that will help pave the way for the opportunity to get more of their material out for the metal community to hear.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Forsaken Sanctuary
2. Soulslicer(Your Time, Your War)
3. Fake Resurrection
4. Flesh Eternal
5. Irradiate Your Soul
6. Armies
7. Radioactive Grave
8. Archangels of Atomic Light
Samuel Girard - Vocals
Kiato Luu - Guitars(Lead)
Jérôme Mahé - Guitars, Bass
Antoine Poisson - Drums
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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