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Soundcrawler - The Dead End Host

The Dead End Host
by Calen Nesten at 04 March 2015, 5:47 PM

French based Stoner Metal band SOUNDCRAWLER is proud to announce their first album, “The Dead End Host”, which came out on the 20th of February, 2015. The album has a hazy, ambient and Grungy feel much like 90's hits like SOUNDGARDEN (especially the vocals) or A PERFECT CIRCLE but a little more reserved. Don't mistake “reserved” for soft; SOUNDCRAWLER delivers some serious power with their beautiful rising riffs and droning melodies standard for most Stoner Rock bands.

Though the songs on the album are fuzzy and dream inducing, incorporating some jam elements, “The Dead End Host”  has a surprisingly dark feel to it. The lyrics are haunting and there are several Doom Metal qualities to many of the songs, one in particular is “The Plastic Truth”  which seems to be about coming to an unfortunate realization about your true self, or in this case, the protagonist of the album. I should have probably mentioned sooner that “The Dead End Host” is a concept album, and I love me some concept albums. The ability to blend a continuous fiction universe with new and interesting songs is something I've always loved, it gives the band more room to play with their style than traditional albums. Our story begins with a traveling band of desert raiders, after some time doing what raiders do and battling desert monsters, one of them meets with a mysterious entity known as The Soundcrawler.

Apparently “The Dead End Host” is only the first chapter in the SOUNDCRAWLER saga, and the band is already hard at work writing and performing more elements of the story. Part of the fun of a concept band is piecing it together for yourself and immersing yourself within the universe they have created, and it's incredibly easy to lose yourself in “The Dead End Host”.

“The Dead End Host” is loud, powerful and a little artsy, and I believe they can appeal to just about any Hard Rock fan.

3 Star Rating

1. Raiders
2. Burning Scales
3. A God to Feed
4. Long Coma Slow
5. Souls From the Trash
6. The Plastic Truth
7. Civil
8. Infinite Genocide
9. And All The Seconds Left
Rémy Pockquet - Vocals
Paul Parsat - Guitar
Clément Reviriego - Guitar
Firouze Pirolley - Bass
Robin Cauchois - Drums
Record Label: Klonosphere


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