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Spacegoat – Catharsis

by John Foley at 06 October 2021, 6:15 AM

Set to be released in the start of October 2021 we have the brand new E.P titled “Catharsis” by SPACEGOAT who are taking the Australian scene by storm with their infectious live shows. The band mix a lot of sub genres into their sound, most notably modern metal with a slight progressive edge and djent guitars. They describe themselves as “if FAITH NO MORE, TOOL and NO DOUBT had a baby together”, so already these guys are sounding promising to me. So let’s dive in and see what they are all about.

The E.P kicks of with the track “Purge" which opens with a clean guitar melody with a really sweet bass line that follows. The heavy grooves come in and the track really gets going. With the vocals you can hear some range as they switch from clean to aggressive  growls with ease. We get a really cool chorus section that you can sing along with. This is a good opening tune that helps set the tone for what is to come. Next up we have “Miasma" which is a faster pace then the previous song. It has got some real head banging riffs and a great drum sound. We are hit with a very melodic sing along chorus and some great guitar moments throughout and a good vocal delivery that helps to carry the sections. We then get this breakdown that is full of emotion which is a theme that will occur throughout the rest of the E.P. but must be said that this is just a really good song.

After that we got “Erased" which opens with a bass line that has a slight funk feel to it. The guitars start to creep in as the bands full sound then comes in. Filled with lots of melody and emotion this song shows the bands musicianship really well, especially with the verses as we have this killer bass line with natural harmonics from the guitars on top of it. This one has this epic feel to it and is just a brilliant song. “Dirty Fighter" is a track that has some nasty sounding heavy riffing going on with a thunderous bass in the back. The vocals command the song as we get another sing along chorus. From listening to this one the song would be great for a live setting. The middle section gets interesting as we have a smooth bass line with some simple drums and soft vocals, all of this really transports the song to a new plain. The heavy riffing comes crashing in to play us out.

Once again the bass kicks things off as a go into the track “Nothing", but this time the guitars are complimenting the bass line. This song really packs a punch as the lead guitar lines along with the vocals help carry the feel of the song. The band then brings it to a quiet section again for the middle section which really tugs on the heart strings. The track then comes back up for a final assault as the song fades out. We come to the final song now with “Anemnesis" which from the start has a atmospheric feel to it with those clean sounding guitars. The heavy riffs then hit with some killer grooves and some cool drumming. The band are showing what they are all about here. The vocals are quite soft for the chorus and the band are really giving it their all. The breakdown is just so heavy but then those clean atmospheric guitars come in again with the vocals over them and are full of emotion. This is a great track to close with.

I really enjoyed listening to “Catharsis” and found SPACEGOAT to be a band with a great sound. The vocals do sound a little like NO DOUBT but with the soft to aggressive vocal range I would say she sounds more like early FLYLEAF (great band by the way). There is a lot of heavy grooves throughout and the band does a good job mixing those heavy grooves with a lot of melody too. The musicianship here is just great and the songs are really good and really bring you on a journey. This E.P and band are totally worth checking out.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Musicianship: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Purge
2. Miasma
3. Erased
4. Dirty Fighter
5. Nothing
6. Anemnesis
Erin Eddy – Vocals
Leon Russell – Guitar
Mighty McGrath – Guitar
Lyndon ‘Kid' Eddy – Bass
Adam Beattie – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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