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Spaceslug - Eye The Tide Award winner

Eye The Tide
by V.Srikar at 22 June 2018, 5:08 AM

Everything about SPACESLUG seems to be a bit of cult-ish (in a good way), the band name, the album artwork, the music, everything. So here we have the Polish Doom giant’s 3rd full length album “Eye The Tide” releasing this July.

The haunting atmospheric sound starts the album in the 8 min epic song “Obsolith”. The drone and doom effect hits all the right spots, without overdoing it. The near 8 min song “Spaced by One” is a much faster Stoner track, but with really cool sharp guitar riffs and a few thick juicy Sludgy ones thrown in here and there. It has lots of cool drone-atmospheric effects going on in the latter half of the song. “Eternal Monuments” carries the drone-doom-atmospheric feel and keeps you begging you for more even after 9 min of absolute, as SPACESLUG gets you headbanging halfway through with some faster Doomy riffs.  The vocals are very faint and vague and works just fine for the style that SPACESLUG is going for here.

Words Like Stones” continues the fast paced Stoner/ Sludge sound with more harsh growling vocals, and it just sounds like the trio know what they are doing. It’s heavy, its long, and its beautiful. “Vialys part I & II” has a sonic feel to it, and the vocals are lazy and somewhat of Grunge style. The song turns into a sea saw of emotions as the sharp guitar riff driven drone effect sucks into a different world, a world that you are confused in, about your own emotions. If you thought, you get out of this crazy nomadic journey so soon, “I, The Tide” is there to kick you into another parallel universe where your imagination is your eyes and you can only listen to drone driven Doom Metal, and the nature forces you to headbang to every goddamn riff ever in that 11 min journey, which at the end of it, you will realize that you have been tricked into familiarity, but it’s all been a crazy adventure for you, an adventure which you want to get back to immediately.

6 songs. 54 min. “Eye The Tide” is exactly what the album artwork tells you about the album. A sonic journey and a mind fuck your brain. Pick this one blindly.

Production: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Obsolith
2. Spaced by One
3. Eternal Monuments
4. Words Like Stones
5. Vialys part I & II
6. I, The Tide
Jan Rutka – Bass, Vocals
Kamil Ziolkowski – Drums, Vocals
Bartosz Janik – Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: BSFD Records


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Edited 22 February 2019

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