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Spades - Friday Night (CD)

Friday Night
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 18 June 2001, 9:44 PM

Everytime I get promo CDs from 'I Used to Fuck People Like You In Prison' - Records I wonder…What have I done in life to deserve this? OK, I admit stealing candy from my younger brother when I was a kid…

Spades is yet another Band from I.U.T.F.P.L.Y. (haha) Records! One album, 6 tracks talking about Cocks in Pockets and fucking without romance…One lousy production, some crappy lyrics, a bunch of guys thinking they're Motorhead or something and there you have it! A dumb album!

Guys gimme a break!

\[From Yiannis: Spades' front man gave us the honour to sign our guestbook, TWICE! Wow. Read below:
My kingdom for a reader thats not a virgin, wankers  
 Well done, great job…you wish pathetic hair metal gothic lord of the ring wankers. Allright my band(the Spades, uberpunk from Holland, pussies!)gets a bad review, no problem. But then I see all the godawful crap you do like. Really super, yeah really. No I'm serious fairytale metal will never die!
—- and —–
And I just noticed that Role Playing crap figure that out! Do you play doctor together while listening to Kamelot?

My reply to him: AAHaHahAHAHhAhAHAAh! Uberpunk??? Get a life bitch, slip a Cock in your eyesocket or something and when you grow up to be 18 you might see life from a different point of view. What a loser….]

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Friday Night
Gotta Get Some
Go Go Go
Cock In My Pocket
Fuck Around


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