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Spearhead - Pacifism is Cowardice Award winner

Pacifism is Cowardice
by Kyle Scott at 14 November 2018, 1:41 PM

SPEARHEAD describe their take on Death Metal as "an assault of belligerent chaos and hatred". A few seconds into their fourth studio album Pacifism is Cowardice and you know that it sounds just that with so much more they didn't have the heart to tell you. It's not just chaos and belligerence they speak in. It's a wild tongue of blind and deaf madness that raves alone and bleeding from self-inflicted wounds. SPEARHEAD hail from southern England where they carved themselves a decent spot in their local scene since 2005 and their reign is unchallenged.

"Of Sun and Steel" is about a thousand pounds of steel just pouring down from a void in the heavens, crushing all violently in its unexplained wake. The dreadful, snaking chords that writhe and shriek in the dirt and mud are both ugly and complex. The Fearsome-in-Chief Commander Barghest rips through his bass, fraying its chords as guitarist Invictus whirls and weaves notes into beautifully strange creations. It's a full-on horror show with SPEARHEAD. The soundscapes they paint are all off-colored and pallor.

"Wolves of the Krypteia, We" is a baying wolf pack, running wild in the shadowy forests of dissonance; a frightening hunting party. Pacifism is Cowardice is a blistering napalm burn that eats its way into the soil and the roots, burning the landscape from the inside out with imposing chords tromping across ashy wastelands and voices of the damned singing in dissonant pain. The places that SPEARHEAD take you through are all at once unwelcoming and breathtaking.

From "Duellorum" and "Hyperanthropos"' dilapidated environments of buzzing off-key chords and mad chanting to the violent war marches of "The Elysian Ideal", SPEARHEAD brims with unholy rage. Pacifism is Cowardice is a painful, harshly worded call out against those who fail to stand up for themselves and others and shows them horrors beyond their imagining as their future as a warning. Pacifism is Cowardice comes out November 23rd.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 10


4 Star Rating

1. Duellorum
2. Of Sun and Steel
3. Ajatavada
4. Wolves of the Krypteia, We
5. Violence Revolt Ruination
6. Hyperanthropos
7. Degeneration Genocide
8. The Elysian Ideal
9. A Monarch to Rats
10. Khan
11. Aion (Two Keys and a Lions Face)
12. Aftermath
Cmdr. Barghest-Bass, Vocals
Invictus-Rhythm Guitar
Mark "Typhon" Smith-Drums
Kevin "Troy/Praetorian" Dixon-Lead Guitar
Record Label: Invictus Productions


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