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Spheric Universe Experience - The New Eve

Spheric Universe Experience
The New Eve
by Cameron Ervin at 25 October 2012, 1:33 AM

Hailing from France is the Progressive Metal band SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE. “The New Eve” is stuffed with down tuned guitars and electronic elements that have become common place in the genre. The progressive genre encompasses so many different sounding bands that it’s hard for someone to know exactly what a band sounds like with a Progressive oriented label. So to clear things up I’d say SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE’s sound falls somewhere between DREAM THEATER and TOOL. With bands like these you’d expect long epic songs but that isn’t the case here. Instead of an emphasis on virtuoso guitar solos, SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE likes creating chunky riffs and they are pretty good at it. Where most progressive bands like to put exotic rhythms and time changes in their songs, this band likes to keep the time signatures more accessible to the common listener. If you wanted a friend to get interested in this type of Metal I’d suggest this album as a first listen to wet his or her appetite.

“The New Eve” starts off with the song “Shut Up”. In my humble opinion I think it’s kind of weak and the next song, “The New Eve”, would have been a better choice. The chorus in the opening track sounds like they got a few twelve year olds to help sing the words “SHUT UP!” At points in this song, and album, the vocals tend to get a little bit annoying. The vocals, however, are not that big of an obstacle for the listener to overcome. The title track has a very epic sounding chorus and is extremely enjoyable to listen to. To help make this track so strong is a Djent like breakdown that follows the chorus that leads into a very satisfying guitar riff. About thirty seconds into “Escape”, Vince Benaim unleashes another crushing riff that you can’t help but nod your head to. Throughout the song he likes to recycle that riff and add neat little twists to it each time it is reused. The keyboard is very noticeable toward the second half of the song right before so-so the guitar solo and once again as the track comes to a close. “Angel” marks the half-way point for “The New Eve” with a slower ballad type track.  At some points on this song the vocals sound something like the type that is exhibited in the popular German band SCORPIONS. At spots this song sounds very epic and operatic with a nice orchestral sound for the electric instruments to rest upon. With “The Day I Died” the pace picks back up once again. It has a catch chorus with a neat little electronic effect that rides under the vocals. My favorite track, “Self Abuse”, comes in full throttle with a dark sounding palm muted riff. That whole riff is repeated throughout the song and is interesting enough that it doesn’t get boring. Finally the album closes with a slower song, “My Heart On The Cross”. At the start it sounds like a pop song but quickly changes over to a more metal sound. Overall the track is a good closer to a not too bad album. SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE isn’t new to the progressive scene and this album proves it. Although it’s not on the same level as DREAM THEATER or TOOL (then again not many bands are) it’s not a half bad album.

4 Star Rating

1. Shut Up
2. The New Eve
3. Escape
4. Never Heal
5. Angel
6. The Day I Died
7. In This Place
8. Self Abuse
9. My Heart on The Cross
Fred Colombo − Keyboard
Vince Benaim- Guitar
John Drai- Bass
Frank Garcia- Vocals
Christophe Briand– Drums
Record Label: Nightmare Records


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