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Spider Kickers – Ektroma

Spider Kickers
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 03 November 2019, 10:00 PM

Time to see if the band has progressed with their sound. The band are known to sing about Alcohol, Death, Violence & Society, perhaps this is why they have named the album “Ektroma”, the meaning denotes "an abortion, an untimely birth;" from ektitrosko, "to miscarry."
Ektroma” has a strange build up with a baby screaming, along with a woman’s cry. Then a Beast howls before the band get involved. Not entirely sure what they were going for unless it indicates the untimely birth as mentioned above. The initial beat is decent for pace along with a good balance. The structure of the melody is similar to many heard before, but when it is played out well, you don’t need to think about it. The TESTAMENT and EXODUS styles are clear to hear. Vocally, its short, crisp and in good time with the instrumentalists. As an album opener, it works very well. It’s exactly what you want to hear from the Death / Thrash genre. Nothing held back, nothing added unnecessarily. These guys formed in ’86, they are old school  
Vanity in Front” has an extended instrumental start after the war soundtrack ends. You can tell its building up to something. Vocals break in, again, they are short and effective. This is where the older Death Metal sounds come in through the vocals. This song feels more like the band are warmed up and have the technical sides of Thrash seeping out, it shows a great skill on display. The vocals don’t seem as key as the strums, but you don’t miss the vocals. You just enjoy the great sound of old school Thrash being pulled off perfectly.
Carnivores” has more of the old school Cavalera infused SEPULTURA sounds from the off. The buildup is far less obvious than songs previously, but this makes you want the song to kick in. The chorus chant works very well; it's more involved to break up the song. There is an almost Sludge aspect to the pace midway until the song kicks in like MEGADETH do, but it doesn’t last long. Technically this song adds a new aspect and depth to the album. It’s a midway filler, but it works very well. 
Isolation Cell” kicks off from the start. You can feel the build-up right away. Kind of like how CANNIBAL CORPSE do “Priests of Sodom”, but it does die down a bit instead off flying through the gears. If you know Thrash you can tell where the drums will kick in, you may start to play the air drums at certain points, or that may just be me. The technical Thrash aspects come into play a bit, but it slows down again to create the atmospheric melody. It is a good rhythm, and you have to tip your hat to the instrumentalists 
Jehovah Complex” ticks over nicely from the off, back to the intense Thrash speeds. Vocals have more usage here than other songs, which is good to see that they have mix around different styles well. The Death Metal feel is thicker here with more emphasis on vocals and a slower overall pace in places, the pace has died a bit, but the clean solos come out to keep the Thrash aspect running well. 
If you like TESTAMENT and EXODUS, and let’s be honest if you don’t, why are you here? But hey, if you like their sounds you will love this. If you also want a few aspects of Death Metal added into the cocktail, then this is for you. Great album
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ektroma
2. Inner Grave
3. Vanity in Front
4. Nightmare Receiver
5. Carnivores
6. Isolation Cell
7. Jehovah Complex
8. Lord Great Ra
Motor Nakas - Bass
James Edouarth – Drums & Vocals
Kostas - Guitars
Panos Kaides - Guitars
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider Records


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