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Spirit Adrift - 20 Centuries Gone

Spirit Adrift
20 Centuries Gone
by Kevin Lewis at 20 September 2022, 11:51 AM

SPIRIT ADRIFT is a project of Nate Garrett that went from a solo thing to having a full touring band. Originally established in 2015, they’ve released four full-length albums and multiple EPs and singles. “20 Centuries Gone” has two original songs and six cover songs which run the gamut from Classic Rock to Thrash Metal. The disc was released on August 19, 2022, via Century Media Records.

Sorcerer’s Fate” is the first new song. It has a pretty cool guitar fade in that leads directly into the first riff. There is a shift in phrasing when the first verse starts, then again for the chorus. After a short solo, we get back to the riff matching the verses. The guitars are definitely the main focus, though the drums do play an integral part in the song, especially around some of the riff/lead changes. The bass is there but hangs mostly under the guitars.

The acoustic opening for “Mass Formation Psychosis” belies the heavy guitar work that is just on the other side of that intro. This riff is heavy and really good. This song goes more Doom Metal with a nice sludgy riff and heavy rhythm that just never gets in a hurry. The solo is nicely paced for this song, sticking with the tone and tempo of the track.

The rest of the record is covers, starting with a trio of heavier tracks from TYPE O NEGATIVE, PANTERA, and METALLICA. All three of these songs are very recognizable and relatively true to the original, while not being just a straight copy. There are enough differences to make them interesting. The vocals tend to change a little with each song, indicating Nate wanted to honor the song by not going too far afield.

Sticking close to the original is one method of paying tribute to some of your favorites. The guitar tones for each song are very much SPIRIT ADRIFT, but the tempo and vocal presentation are more in line with the singer of each band. These three fits more in line with the original songs on the record. TYPE O NEGATIVE could have performed “Mass Formation Psychosis.” The tracks are similar enough as compositions that they could be relatives.

The next three covers are THIN LIZZY, ZZ TOP, and LYNYRD SKYNYRD. To go from Thrash and Doom Metal to Classic and Southern Fried Rock is a bit of a culture shock, but it does work in the end because all of these genres are tied together and have influenced each other over time. The lines between genres continue to blend and blur as bands take songs like these and work them into new styles.

Metal grew from Rock and then reached back and pulled Rock into a new era. Just imagine Phil Lynott if he were alive today fronting both THIN LIZZY and guesting in tracks from METALLICA and maybe even something like a Symphonic Metal band like WITHIN TEMPTATION! No matter what you think of those possibilities, SPIRIT ADRIFT has made some interesting choices on this record that will make you wonder what is coming next.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  7

4 Star Rating

1. Sorcerer's Fate
2. Mass Formation Psychosis
3. Everything Dies (TYPE O NEGATIVE cover)
4. Hollow (PANTERA cover)
5. Escape (METALLICA cover)
6. Waiting for an Alibi (THIN LIZZY cover)
7. Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings (ZZ TOP cover)
8. Poison Whiskey (LYNYRD SKYNYRD cover)
Nate Garrett – Vocals/Guitars
Mike Arellano – Drums
Record Label: Century Media Records


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