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Spitefuel - Flame to the Night

Flame to the Night
by Quinten Serna at 27 November 2019, 5:10 AM

Having released their third album in their 4th year as a band, SPITEFUEL, lives up to their prolific nature albeit it with “Flame To The Night” bearing a focus on quality. Having now a near 3 hours worth of material as a band—solely recorded that is, whereupon we as the listeners have not an idea what they have in drafting—has earned them the descriptions of avid and inventive—an existence which very few ever earn.

The album opens in a dramatic flourish with the title track, “Flame To The Night,” crescendo in rhythmic harmony just before the start of the first full song, “Stand Your Ground.”  The song sounds loudly ringing as an anthem and upon its completion resounding in even greater triumph as it leaves behind the impressions of triumph and accomplishment both fueled by the expertly laced and interwoven guitar-work. Silence is the greatest segue for the next track entitled, “Machines,” a simple, yet powerful, title which manages to epitomize the drive of the song.

Trick Or Treat,” was the first song I heard from the album—as well as the band—due to it having its own music video released before the album; for new listeners looking in the song is perhaps the best introduction one could receive for the band’s work as it exemplifies the greatest elements of their produced works, from the simplistic guitar leads (the song built around the riff) to the build-up of the band into the chorus, the loud-quiet shifts (owing its origin, at least in name, to THE PIXIES), the perfected dynamic harmonies within the chorus, and the entire band following the same rhythmic stylings and changeups. “Through The Shades” is without question the most dynamic song upon the record wherein every instrument changes its dynamic severely at different portions; shifts make up such a large portion of the song, in fact, that the entirety of the middle—a near 3 and a half minute stretch—is dedicated to variances in rhythm and lead between the instruments with the actual voice tacet for the entire duration. The album ends on a high note with the power driven, “Try To Hate Me,” contouring a heavy and reaching soundscape.

The guitars strike me more than any other element of the record, they have themselves a tone perfectly suited for the environment they create, not too saturated and not too dirty, lying somewhere in a perfect niche that the rest of the instruments build on top of. The bass is heavy and assertive though no more consuming than it is buried, another great mix that manages to add to the depth of the band rather than drawing sole focus. The drums are spacious and given actual stereo balance instead of the usual mono approach where every tom and cymbal lies in the dead center. The vocals effortlessly cut through the mix without the need for heavy compression, and most of the harmonies are expertly crafted in their own rite.

Having never listened to the band before I was incredibly impressed with, SPITEFUEL’S, works, from their amazing guitar harmonies, to their solid sound the band offers a lot for anyone with an affinity for Heavy Metal, “Flame To The Night,” only cements their prowess.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Flame To The Night
2. Stand Your Ground
3. Machines
4. Trick Or Treat
5. Till I Die
6. Bad Boys
7. Two-Faced
8. Through The Shades
9. Firewater
10. Silent Guard
11. Try To Hate Me
Matthias Lüönd—Bass
Björn-Philipp Hessemüller—Drums
Tobias Eurich—Guitars
Timo Pfluger—Guitars
Phillip Stahl—Vocals
Record Label: Black Sunset/MDD Records


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