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SpitFire – Welcome To Bone City Award winner

Welcome To Bone City
by Omnius D'Worgen at 22 July 2015, 6:50 AM

German Hard Rock power-trio SPITFIRE's second album is an ode to the tough guy's Rock 'N' Roll in the pure sense of the world, a real temple of cool.

The album kicks off with a bluesy-sounding guy straight out of the trash movies we love so much welcoming us into Bone City and the album itself – a move usually reserved to create an epic atmosphere, here it serves to set in you the image of a robot cowboy strolling into town.

With balls a hundred miles across in every aspect of the music from the guitars to the vocals to the drums, the music is heavy and mostly riff-based (even the cleaner songs have a heavy vibe to them), with great catchy choruses, cool leads and a style that, while unified, ranges a fairly large spectrum – a great combo of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Southern Rock and Stoner Rock (the vocals are a dead giveaway, and the name and cover design seem a nod to KYUSS's "Welcome To Sky Valley").

Very prominent in the things I like about the record is the guitar work – both in very cool and heavy riffs, and in the kind of bluesy solos that made me want to pick up a guitar in the same place (you know the ones – those that aren't particularly fast but seem to somehow be alive) – I would say that the guitarist and vocalist have great chemistry, but with them being the same person saying otherwise would suggest insanity.

None of the music is in any way fancy, and that's a great part of its charm – very cool, heavy and punchy – but simple. The gravel-pit vocals go great with the heavy crunchy guitars and driving rhythm section, and the backing vocals from señors Nitro and Jailbreak adds a bit of a Rock anthem feeling in a great way.

The bonus track is a very cool cover of KENNY LOGGINS' "Danger Zone" in the band's own unmistakable style, which is a very nice touch for such a classic song.

So follow down that road, you'll reach the gates of Hell in Bone City…

4 Star Rating

1. Welcome to Bone City (Intro)
2. Here We Go
3. Too Young to Die
4. Queen of the Night
5. Bone City Radio
6. Fall From Grace
7. Motorman
8. Battlefield
9. Hell&High Water
10. Bridges Burned
11. Last Gang in Town
12. Take Me Home
13. Dust and Bones
14. Desperado
15. Dangerzone (Bonus track)
Dick Dropkick – Vocals, Guitar
Johnny Jailbreak – Bass, Backing vocals
Nikk Nitro – Drums, Backing vocals
Record Label: Rookies & Kings


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