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Stabbing - Extirpated Mortal Process

Extirpated Mortal Process
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 13 January 2023, 2:13 PM

There are many bands flooding Metal genres today, and the fans must be aware of those that are just a loss of time (in other words, those clones of anything that is already set and that live off clichés), those that are amazing, and those that have potential to mature a bit more. The first group is only a matter of throwing away, the second to listen and like, and the third one is a matter of giving a patient chance to the band’s work. And even being good, what “Extirpated Mortal Process”, the first album of the North American quartet STABBING shows the need of the band to mature a bit more. Their musical work is based on a brutal and aggressive form of Brutal Death Metal, and one can check that they are really a talented band, with a very good technical level on the musical instruments (especially the guitars and drums), their music is really very good, with a massive wall of energy coming to the ears of the fans.

But honestly: with such a level of potential the quartet bears, why in the blazes they so trapped into the clichés of the genre? They’re pretty good to accept to be like others. It’s not bad (the fans will love this album), but for a band that can do things in a higher level, to do this can be disappointing. The band had Josh Vasquez working on the recordings of the drums, Chris Kritikos doing the same on the guitars and vocals, while the mixing and the mastering were orchestrated by Januaryo Hardy. The sonority of the album is amazing, a very good piece of sound artwork, with things working in a great way (but some tunes of the drums could be better).

The main problem is on the songs. Once more: with such potential and technical level, how they can accept to be one amongst the others as they can be a pillar for the genre (and it’s not a joke to say that)? The sets of clichés of Brutal Death Metal pull their musical efforts backwards. Their talent can be checked on songs as “Inhaling the Dead” (some very good technical part of bass guitar and drums can be heard), “Razor Wire Strangulation” (ok, everyone knows that vocals on the genre can be presented on very low tunes, but some contrasts would be great to hear), “Extirpated Mortal Process” (some guitar riffs are really very good), “Visions of Eternal Suffering” (the faster appeal on the bass guitar and drums playing is a very wise choice), “Stabbing” (very good guitars one more, but laid to waste in the middle of the clichés), and “It Ends With Flames”, but why they can’t dare a bit more? To say a big fuck off to the pioneers of the genre and doing like ABORTED, a band that each album presents the band daring to evolve, to create into a genre eroded as this?

They are a band with potential that must learn to be disrespectful to the pioneers, it’s the clear idea that “Extirpated Mortal Process” gives, so let’s expect that STABBING can do this on their next release.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Inhaling the Dead
2. Razor Wire Strangulation
3. Southern Hacksaw Execution
4. Extirpated Mortal Process
5. Leishmaniasis
6. Visions of Eternal Suffering
7. Final Flesh Feast
8. Stabbing
9. Visceral Liquid Terror
10. Slashed Throat Awakening
11. It Ends With Flames
12. Pulsing Wound
Bridget Lynch - Vocals
Marvin Ruiz - Guitars
Meryl Martinez - Bass
Rene Martinez - Drums
Record Label: Comatose Music


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