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Stan Bush - Change the World Award winner

Stan Bush
Change the World
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 25 November 2017, 9:36 AM

Some friends, when we are talking about Metal, ask me: why I always speak that Old School Metal bands deal with a moldy and outdated form of music, but Melodic Rock/AOR, that is as old as some tendencies of Old School Metal. The answer is simple: bands that play Melodic Rock genres don’t look for sound qualities that would refer to the past. They record their albums with the resources that they can, so this is the key factor. And the work of STAN BUSH on “Change the World” is really amazing, a fine piece of music.

Obviously, it’s an album with those Melodic Rock/AOR elements that we can found on works from bands as JOURNEY, ASIA, BON JOVI and many others. The focus is on excellent and accessible choruses, the keyboards parts are as important as the guitar riffs; bass and drums with a solid rhythmic work, excellent and melodic voices and all the instruments uses a good technical insight. Here, you’ll find all these elements in excellent shape, and how lovely and grandiose are the songs. Holger Fath produced and mixed “Change the World”, and did the sound engineering as well. Let me tell you: the sound quality was built with a modern insight, but the musical work as a whole is a homage to the old days. Clear, heavy and with the right instrumental tunes, all on the album sounds perfect.

As an experienced musician and writer, Stan’s music really is amazing and can reach a broader range of fans. And “Change the World” is really fantastic from its beginning to the end. But the hooking and grandiose melodies from “Change the World” and “Warrior” (what lovely vocals and excellent arrangements on keyboards), the very good guitars and Pop accessibility presented on “Born to Win”, the seductive melodies that were constructed on “Never Surrender” (this song is a 27 years old hymn that can be found on “Kickboxer”, a 1989 film from Jean Claude Van Damme), the great vocals that we can hear in the middle of fine melodies of bass guitar and keyboards on “Break These Chains” and on the energy that flows from “Dare”, and the Pop/Rock scent that permeates “The Touch” (both coming from the film “Transformers: the Movie”)

By the way, Stan Bush is a well-known musical writer, awarded with a Emmy Award for Best Original Song with “Til I Was Loved By You”, having one song as 1996 Olympic Games (“Caputre the Dream”), and wrote songs with guys like Jonathan Cain (JOURNEY), Jim Vallance (BRYAN ADAMS; AEROSMITH), and Paul Stanley. So, his name speaks for himself. Well, “Change the World” is a great album, so listen to it, and let’s hope that this kind of music can become great once more in the USA and Europe.

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Change the World
2. Warrior
3. Born to Win
4. Never Surrender
5. The Story of Love
6. Live Your Dream
7. Break These Chains
8. The Other Side of Love
9. Dare
10. The Touch
11. The Secret
Stan Bush - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Holger Fath - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Tom Walsh - Drums
Record Label: L.A. Records


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