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Stan Bush - Dare to Dream

Stan Bush
Dare to Dream
by Jean-François Poulin at 25 October 2020, 12:28 PM

Stan Bush is an AOR American Singer/Songwriter from Orlando, Florida. This is his 14th studio album and was produced by veteran producer Holger Fath. He has been in the limelight since 1979 and have been thoroughly active ever since. He has had hit singles all over the United States and Europe, he has done songs for TV Shows, movies and anime, he has even won a Daytime Emmy Award.

Yes we are the Metal Temple but we also dive deep in more contemporary Adult Oriented artists and bands. It’s been a staple since the early 70’s and has gathered mainstream success ever since. Considered by many as easy listening music, some of the artists of the genre are the most popular of that era and still do music today. The audience is listening and has been there since the beginning.

Stan Bush (I almost wrote John Bush) is the soundtrack to many people around my age. His songs in the Transformers movie and hit movies like Kickboxer were all over the radio and TV. Those songs marked a generation and are still very much part of our musical heritage. We still remember those songs, the upbeat songs from a movie that spawned a generation. We still remember each bell and whistles and the lyrics like when the song was put back then. He is a very important part of my childhood and many of yours as well. I didn’t follow his career very much after because I discovered Metal in the early 90’s but I still have some really fond memories of Stan Bush.

‘’Dare’’ and ‘’The Touch’’ gave kids of my generation such upbeat and powerful songs. The message was very clear and positive even for a kid my age. There was nothing violent or negative thoughts in this dong, it had a very positive outlook on life and everything that revolved around it.

Well, ‘’Dare to Dream’’ is a throwback to those songs, the messages are so positive, the lyrics are thought provoking and it’s something that 2020 really needed. It’s a been a crappy year full of pain and negativity for all but his messages about never giving you, letting yourself go and daring to do something positive with your life really shines of light on a dark a year. The songs are engaging and catchy and never overly cheesy (ok, maybe ‘’A Dream of Love’’ is downright campy at best). ‘’The 80’s’’ is a reflection of the past, when music was the talk of the town, they say that the best music was in the 80’s, hell, even the movies were better back in the day. He reflects on it with passion and pride and not like, oh no, those days are over. We are happy we had those times and we can’t relive them but we were fortunate enough that have those wonderful times in our lives.

This album brings so much positivity and downright happiness and shows the guy can still write a great song and he is such an underrated guitar player. I probably didn’t notice back then but man he can wail. His guest musicians are on point and the album reeks of brightness, something we obviously need nowadays. Such a refreshing, warm album that brings you back to the 80’s without regret and sorrow.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Born to Fight
2. Dare to Dream
3. The Times of Your Life
4. A Dream of Love
5. The 80’s
6. Live and Breathe
7. Heat of Attack
8. Dream Big
9. True Believer
10. Never Give Up
11. Home
Stan Bush – Vocals and Guitars
Record Label: Cargo Records UK


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