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Starborn - Savage Peace

Savage Peace
by Craig Rider at 22 September 2019, 10:49 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: STARBORN; signed via Pure Steel Records, hailing from England - performing Heavy Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Savage Peace" (released 27/09/2019).

Since formation in 2012; the quintet in question have a Demo entitled: "Born By The Wind", an EP entitled: "The Dreaming City" & this here debut album: entitled: "Savage Peace". 8 tracks ranging at around 53:00; STARBORN arrange an intricately designed formula of hard-hitting Heavy Metal developments, "Existence Under Oath" begins the record – demonstrating amplified adrenaline & boistrously bouncy crunchiness, chugging into a barraged frenzy of galloping hymns that rivet with rhythmic voltages. Thundering with uniquely versatile ultilizations, vehemently wild ramifications & seamlessly sonic speed. Composing concrete gnarliness, and a borderling foundation of gritty instrumentation & meticulous musicianship…forging flamboyantly composed catchiness with a fluidly polished sound production that pursuits with rushing subtly.

Consisting of Bruce Turnbull on vocals; the frontman distributes clean, high-pitched pipes of profusely robust solidity. Lungs of screaming vengeance, persistent sophistication & razor-sharp skill. "Unwelcome" establishes complex dexterity from duo guitarists Christopher A. Foley & Sean Atkinson; embellishing on blistering rhythms, rapidly swift nimbleness & organic substance that rampantly revolve around an audible aesthetic of infectiously dominating dosages of venomous snappiness. Quintessentially showcasing quirky momentum; tenaciously thumpy tempos, frolicking grooves & frantically culminating throaty raspiness with shrieking subjugation. While "Beneath An Iron Sky" pulsates with rambunctious melodies, relentlessly vibrant potency & stampeding virtuocities - juxtaposed with monstrously stompy meatiness.

Powerhouse pummeller James Charlton hammers his drums with hasty consistency; battering frenetically with dynamic diligence, distinctively distinguished detail & combustible firepower. "I Am The Clay" embellishes on experimental havoc; hybridly implementing immersive flair, harmonic transistions of old-school New Wave Of British Heavy Metal manifestations & a vicious variety of structured neo-classical metal riffs which trailblazes with killer neck-breaking jumpiness. Dan Rochester on bass buldges with throbbing vibration; blending crisp craftsmanship, and punchline shreds that roar with ripping talent. "Lunar Labyrinth" excels with scorching vigour; memorable songwriting originality, and a prodegious maestro of stylishly slick techniques that portray with proficiently skillful velocity.

"Darkness Divine" delivers upbeat tightness; volatile with yet mellifluous overarch's of weighty euphonics, fuelled with elegantly sublime yet traditional Heavy Metal & screeching patterns that flow into a flourishing formulaic of exquisitely dominating flexibility - fused with rawly rough yet primitive remarkability. "Inked In Blood" slows things down a notch with poetic orchestration; still lacerating into linear territory, while providing salubriously splendid panache with systematic precision. Overall concluding "Savage Peace" with the titular track itself; I am compelled to say that this is an enjoyably entertaining experience, and STARBORN have certainly outdone themselves with this one. If the band keep this up, they can continue to shine as the next best thing in British Heavy Metal – a great discovery & definitely worth the listen.

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Existence Under Oath
2. Unwelcome
3. Beneath An Iron Sky
4. I Am The Clay
5. Lunar Labyrinth
6. Darkness Divine
7. Inked In Blood
8. Savage Peace
Bruce Turnbull - Vocals
Christopher A. Foley - Guitars
Sean Atkinson - Guitars
Dan Rochester - Bass
James Charlton - Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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