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Stargenesis – Distress Call from Earth

Distress Call from Earth
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 28 January 2023, 4:46 AM

The only thing that I could find about this band was their Facebook page. “Distress Call from Earth” is their latest album, and it has 14 songs. “Welcome to Earth” is the first; a ten-minute beast. A long, spacey intro leads to a slow, smooth sound. The vocalist has some pipes, and the harmonies are nice as well. A lamenting tone settles into the song, as if the earth was dying or the like, and you are just realizing it now. The extended lead guitar section towards the end puts a stamp on this feeling. “AI Storm” is a little faster, and with a snarl in the vocals, and some dark elements brewing. This song is pretty well put together and quite polished, and the keyboard solo is also great.

“Your Next Dose” is another slow-moving sound where the vocals are accentuated a lot. That longing sound still hangs in the air however, and given the gravity of the themes, it makes sense. But, it would be nice to hear some positive tones as well. “Bad Propaganda” features an opening melody line with Classical leanings. Besides the wonderful performances from both the vocals and the lead guitarist, the ominous tones are slowly beginning to drag the album down a bit. “The End of Humanity” is the point where things are the lowest. As the title suggests, it’s a highly emotive and pensive song where the vocalist reaches high.

“What If” is the turning point, and you can hear the ominous tones fading away, replaced with a glimmer of hope. Smooth acoustic tones combine with emotionally charged vocals. “The Dream of a New Era” bubbles with hope and the possibility of a bright future. I get a little RUSH in the sound here. The vocal harmonies are wonderful once again. “New Hope” has an introspective sound, from acoustic guitars and piano. It’s another pensive song with delicate harmonies. “Checkmate” represents another turning point in the tale. Tense tones hang in the air. There is a snarl in the vocals, and you can feel the mood changing once again. What will lie around the corner? This question lingers on your mind. “Clinically Alive” is a slow groove that takes a while to develop. It might have lingered a bit too long for my tastes, however. Nine minutes is a long time for the slow-moving sound to stay steady.

The next two songs are the title track, divided into two parts, and oddly, they are both fairly short. The first part has ominous and tense tones, and you can feel the distress in the instruments. It segues to part two, which is just as ominous. All of the energy of the past few tracks is wiped away and a sense of Doom settles in. Again, the vocal harmonies shine brightly. “Our Future” closes the album. What a pretty ending to the album. This is the kind of concise song I have been waiting to listen to. It encapsulates the songwriting at its finest peak.

This was very long album with a lot sound packed into it. It was easy to follow the themes, however, and the musicians are fantastic, especially the lead singer. He has control over his voice in multiple ranges. The first few songs were quite depressing, but you could hear a turn of the tides, which led to a change in the sound. I never thought I would complain a bit about an album being too long, but I do feel as though the band could have left a few tracks off the album. Still, their musicianship is amazing, and this is a carefully crafted tale from start to finish.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Welcome to Earth
2. AI Storm
3. Your Next Dose
4. Bad Propaganda
5. The End of Humanity
6. What If
7. The Dream of a New Era
8. Honor Guard Salute
9. A New Hope
10. Checkmate
11. Clinically Alive
12. Distress Call from Earth, Pt. 1
13. Distress Call from Earth, Pt. 2
14. Our Future
Record Label: Independent


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