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Steel Fox - Savagery Award winner

Steel Fox
by JOGANEGAR at 15 September 2018, 7:28 AM

Some people somewhere still believe that the frequency created by sound vibrations has all sorts of properties, ranging from the most obscure and chaotic ones to te most enlightened and sublime characteristics including the hability to relax the mind and body and even the hability to heal; solflegios and mosly the properly arranged sequence of notes can cause the desired effect on any different being accordig to the elements behind them, and the power that music has, specially the unique essence of metal is undeniable by anyone reading this review

Hailing from Fortaleza, Brazil STEEL FOX create a special and distinctive future into the minds of the listeners and the audience exposed to this very particular form of power metal, coming from a country known better for its joyful attitude towards life and some of the most stunning bieaches in the world, the mindset created by this album refers to more inhospitable places, not only because of the weather conditions but also the intricate conspirations and the powerful creatures and wizards that together with the harmony and profeciency behind every instrument STEEL FOX makes for an excellent stoy teller besides being an outstanding Power Metal band.

Both old reformulated songs and new compositions come out into the light for the release of Savagery, to break into 2018 with the force of a lightning through the sky illuminating a battle field where good fights evil without rest, Inspiring and energetic, this album is full of melody tainted with drama and the melodic accuracy to create a complete mental panorama that will take you away into fantasy for an unforgettable experience. The attendants of the Metal Temple who posses a stronger conviction towards the light will enjoy this album by Brazilian Power Metallers from beginning to end without any hesitation and will make this work by STEEL FOX part of their collection as the most rare specimens and another example of the borderless power of Metal a ovre the universe.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Rescue of The Black Stone
2. My Glory
3. A Poem about Hate
4. Savagery
5. Bloody Dream
6.Strange World of Blinds
7. Raise Swords!
8. Steel Fox
9. Death to All
10. Knights of Freedom
Robson Alves - Vocals
Daniel Camelo - Guitar
Tiago Rezakk - Guitar
Philipe Praciano - Bass
Paulo Kildery - Drums
Record Label: STF Records


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