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Stillbirth - Back to the Stone Age

Back to the Stone Age
by Cherie Wong at 03 September 2019, 4:19 AM

Brutal death metal band STILLBIRTH was formed April 1999 in Hagen, Germany. On August 31, 2019, they released their sixth full-length album "Back to the Stoned Age." This album features re-recordings of favorites from their old albums and one new song. Even if you didn’t know that this album was full of re-recordings of their old songs, this album is still enjoyable. It is full of energetic heavy and groovy slam riffs. The vocalist has great control of his voice, alternating between low growls and pig squeals. My favorite moments on this album are where the growls are used percussively, like another instrument. At several points in the album, the band shouts a few lines that would be fun to shout along with live. The drummer plays very well, not only using blast beats, but slowing it down to match the groovy slam sections.

The first track is "Riot auffer Buehne 2.0." It starts off slow and heavy and with deep growls. The jarring notes that accent the slam riff keep it from being just another slam riff. I also enjoy the part where high growls are layered over low growls. Compared to the first version of this song that appeared on their second album “Plakative Aggression,” this second version has a cleaner production. “Open Up This Fkn Pit” is one of my favorites on this album and would be great live. It is heavy and fast intermingled with a groovy slam riff. Again, compared to the first version of this song that appeared on their fourth album “Global Error,” this second version has slightly cleaner production. Thankfully, this second version does not contain the rap verse that was on the first version (or turns it into growls), and the second version is much better for it.

Chainsaw vs. Face 2.0” is short and sweet. The guitar riff is as melodic as it gets on this album. This song is also a great example of the many sounds the vocalist is able to accomplish, especially the percussive vocals. “Global Error 2.0” is also a cleaner production version of a song from the album “Global Error.” The second version with the cleaner production enables some parts that were lost in the mix in the first version to be heard. The new song “Legalize It” is good. There are plenty of heavy parts, both slow and fast. While it is a decent song, I much prefer listening to the other tracks because this song doesn’t have many unique parts.

Steuerklasse 1 Und Keiner Sagt Danke 2.0” is also a re-recording of a song from their second album “Plakative Aggression.” The cleaner production really does this song a favor because the sharp guitar notes are much clearer. The second version is still as heavy and slow as the first version though losing a bit of the raw edge. The closing track “Brootal Party 2.0” matches its name. It is brutal and fun. The higher pitched guitar shredding on this song is a nice change of pace to the heavy and low riffs that are common on the album. The first version of this song appeared on their third album “Endgame Is Near.” The guitar shredding is sharper in the new version of the song due to the cleaner production. In addition, the second version also turns the rap verse that was at the end of the first version into growls.

Overall, I recommend this album for new listeners and old fans of STILLBIRTH that like hi-fi brutal death metal. If you are a fan of lo-fi brutal death metal, I would recommend their previous releases that contain the first versions of the songs that appear on this album.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Riot auffer Buehne 2.0
2. Open Up This Fkn Pit 2.0
3. Endgame is Near 2.0
4. Human Parasite 2.0
5. Chainsaw vs. Face 2.0
6. Beating Pacifists 2.0
7. Global Error 2.0
8. Individual Related 2.0
9. Legalize It
10. Steuerklasse 1 Und Keiner Sagt Danke 2.0
11. Addicted to Abortion 2.0
12. On The Edge Of Society 2.0
13. Brootal Party 2.0
Lukas Swiaczny – Vocals
Dominik "Pumpa" König – Bass, Vocals
Jens Strack – Guitar
Simon "Shrimps" Stürmlinger – Guitar
Martin Grupe – Drums
Lukas Kaminski – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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