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Stinky - Of Lost Things Award winner

Of Lost Things
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 July 2020, 3:21 AM

Modern Hardcore bands, sometimes, forget the most important feature of the genre: the fast approach in the tempos. No, it’s not that a band must play all the songs with a speed that would make Speedy Gonzáles ashamed, but one or two song must have such approach. And on French quintet STINKY, it can be heard during some moments of “Of Lost Things”.

The music can be said as a fine mix between some Punk Rock influences from the past with the energy of melodic 90’s Hardcore bands as PENNYWISE, BAD RELIGION, THE OFFSPRING and others, but with some hooks and melodies that are usual to Metal bands. So it comes with a nasty and savage energetic approach, but with some heavy and abrasive moments, and it’s extremely hooking. In reality, it’s almost impossible to resist to the slamdancing!

Mixed by Arthur Lauth, and mastered by Ronan Cloarec, the sonority is what could be expected from a band with influences of melodic Hardcore from the 90’s: a fine mix between the adrenalized energy of the past with melodic hooks and an exposed aggressiveness that can tear ears to shreds. But it can be fully understood by the senses, of course.

“Revival Fire” comes storming everything, with a fast set of tempos, but with a modern and heavy weight from guitars; a melodic and charming choruses in the middle of fast attacks from guitars can be found on “Lame Heart” (very good performance from vocals, indeed). On “Distance”, as the aggressiveness becomes higher and the speed diminishes, the vocals show a very food set of tunes. The typical Hardcore tempos and guitar riffs unleashes Hell on “Mind Trapped”, where speed becomes evident once more. Another heavier and slower moment can be heard on “Nosedive”, filled with modern melodic features. And “Spring Letter” is a Metal song with nasty elements, an abrasive set of tempos, and good melodies can be heard as well in the middle of the aggressive ambience of the song. These are just to begin with, because on the second listen, the album becomes an addiction.

STINKY really has a lot of to offer, so dive into “Of Lost Things”, and enjoy the trip!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Revival Fire
2. Lame Heart
3. Distance
4. Strangers With Familiar Faces
5. Mind Trapped
6. Unloving
7. Nosedive
8. Struggle
9. Made It Home
10. Spring Letter
11. Rough Diamond (Unplugged)
Claire - Vocals
Seb - Guitars
Titouan - Guitars
Antoine - Bass
Paul - Drums
Record Label: M-Theory Audio


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Edited 13 August 2020

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