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Stone Cadaver - Reject Remove Replace

Stone Cadaver
Reject Remove Replace
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 11 August 2017, 8:13 AM

Danish trio STONE CADAVER, and their debut album “Reject Remove Replace,” is a huge slab of Stoner/Doom Metal the way it should be played: dirty and sludgy as hell.   Played live in the studio, the band pummels themselves through their dense sound in seven songs that are caked in heavy metal mud.  Bassist Andreas plays with a hypnotic tone, unbridled in its big sound, covered in fuzz and haze of the 70’s, the era in which the album draws a huge amount of inspiration from.  Because of the live production and the steep, abrasive sound, the bass rings the brain like a buzz saw with such abandon sometimes it feels like your head is vibrating.

That isn’t to say the man can’t groove out when needed; his bass lines during the solo on “Suffer The Scorn,” are a huge standout and sounds like the missing part to a long lost BLACK SABBATH song.  On the instrumental “Ruins In The Sand,” the bass hits like a gong, throwing in an almost drone type sound. Jesper’s drumming is extremely focused and just as dense as the guitar and bass.  If the band is the house that stoners built then he is the foundation of the band’s foundation; all the dirty, thick music rests upon his already own multi-dimensional stampede.  I love how his drumming accents the groovy riffs on “Hands of Death.”  His bass drums are a rolling thunder of doom clouds on “Removal of the Eye,” and throughout the album his cymbal work is nothing short of astonishing, their clashes their own brand of stoner sludge.

Anders, playing both vocals and the only guitar, seems like he would have his hands full but he pulls everything off with apparent ease.  Vocally, I find him to be a mix of just about any stoner band you can think of plus ZZ TOP and HIGH ON FIRE.  His vocal chords spit out intelligible but rough clean vocals that sound like they have been run through some sort of filter but it works because it captures that feel of old school rock and roll, perhaps caught somewhere in time between MOTORHEAD and SABBATH.  Riff wise, its all doom, gloom, sludge and even some hints of blues especially in the solos, such as the one on “Sscum.”  He is an accomplished player and seems to feel at home as much on soloing as he does on those huge riffs. This is one of those albums for headbangers, guitar riff lovers, and massive stoners.  I can’t see why anyone into old school sounds or Doom/Sludge wouldn’t enjoy this release.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Sscum
2. We Need Your Fucking Blood
3. Suffer The Scorn
4. Ruins In The Sand
5. Hands of Death
6. Removal of the Eye
7. Dead Horses (pts. I & II)
Anders Bech Nielsen – Vocals, Guitar
Jesper Hauptmann – Drums
Andreas Slocinski – Bass
Record Label: LongLife Records


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