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Stone To Flesh - Some Wounds Bleed Forever (CD)

Stone To Flesh
Some Wounds Bleed Forever
by Yiannis Mitsakos at 15 February 2001, 8:33 PM

I can't really imagine what's in the heads of some guys when they decide to start a band like this. I mean, ok, there are some great black metal bands out there, and they have a certain image style without ridiculing their selves. I am pretty sure black metal fans never laughed at Dimmu Borgir for their corpsepainting or their nicknames. I am prety sure some others said hey this looks cool, I can do that. I'll get my friends, paint like that, get really evil nicknames, hit our instruments as hard as we can and yell. Then take out the garbage and feed the cat. I really wish that guy meant his musical instruments cause I have several ideas on what he might meant.

Stone To Flesh come from Serbia. I wish that was good since there is not much metal representation from that part of the planet. But StF are not what we could call not even a decent band. They tried to copy every black metal video clip they ever saw, and they released Some Wounds Bleed Forever. The only thing that almost bled was my stomach from all the laughter when I read the original lyrics like Oh my precious satan, kill the chrisholy enemies or I drink the blood for you, I eat this heart for you. *YAWN* The drums sound like the construction site near to my house. The vocals have all the brutality of a dying donkey, the guitar is propably the only thing worth mentioning (there I mentioned it), and the bass is overshadowed by the mayehm of the things mentioned earlier, so I have no idea how it sounds like ;)

I bet they are so evil they step on grass when the Don't step on grass sign is present. Wow. I have to thank them though since I fell asleep while listening to them for the first time. And what a sleep that was, I dreamt there was this gir… Well, you get the point. They are boring. And they are boring like hell. Which is the only relationship they have with their precious satan by the way :P They should expand their horizons on their next release like perhaps traditional music with pipes and strings. I bet it will rule the most. And since I am kind hearted they can multipy their rate by 222 and rejoice. Yay!

1 Star Rating

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Nefas - Vocals
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God Of Perversion - Bass
Adimiron - Drums
Record Label: CCP Records


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