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Stormbringer - Born a Dying Breed Award winner

Born a Dying Breed
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 27 January 2018, 4:59 AM

There are albums that make us, as writers, smile and kick the chair, because they are nasty and catchy, exciting and full of an amazing energy. It’s a feature that only Rock has in its genres. The powerhouse that did it for me me is called STORMBRINGER, from UK. Just take a listen to “Born a Dying Breed” and you’ll understand how I feel and what I mean.

It’s just a filthy, nasty and melodic form of making Hard Rock that was used many times before, but in the hands of this quintet, it becomes heavier, but still catchy, done with an amount of energy that turns impossible to stay quiet in the same place. By the way, they play as heavy, filthy and nasty as you can expect. Be prepared, because these guys are going to conquer many fans!

To sound filthy and aggressive, but being able to be understood by the fans is a hard work for a producer. But “Born a Dying Breed” was produced, mixed and mastered by the veteran Russ Russell at Parlour Studios, and he created a thunderous, heavy and aggressive sound quality for the album, but always in a way that every listener can understand what the band is playing. The filth comes from the instrumental tunes used by the band. This mix of nasty melodies with catchy chorus and easy to understand harmonies is really excellent, and these guys have guts.

They show ten very good songs on the album, but the best moments can be heard on are the nasty and modern weight that fills “Don’t Trust Me” (very good tempos, what means a good work from bass guitar and drums), the hypnotic energy that flows from the charming “Bleed For” (a mix of excellent heavy guitars, amazing choruses and a dose of musical accessibility), the oppressive weight and fine vocals shown on “Pay Your Respects”, the great harmonies used on “Through These Eyes”, the nasty feeling the fills “Stick to Your Guns”, the extremely accessible and with touches of Southern Rock “Dying Breed”, and the nervous Hard Rock called “Never Again”.

My dear nephews and nieces, these guys are Rock ‘n’ Roll maniacs to the very bones, so listen to and buy “Born a Dying Breed” at any cost!

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Don’t Trust Me
2. Bleed For
3. Pay Your Respects
4. Through These Eyes
5. Let It Begin
6. Stick to Your Guns
7. Dying Breed
8. Smother
9. Consequence
10. Never Again
Jimi Brown - Vocals
Jamie Peters - Guitars
Dom Wallace - Guitars
Darren McCullagh - Bass
Jon Paul Quantrill - Drums
Record Label: Attic Records


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Edited 19 February 2019

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