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Stormcast – A Frame of Mind Award winner

A Frame of Mind
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 23 December 2014, 11:52 PM

STORMCAST is an Atmospheric/Melodic Black Metal band based out of Cyprus, Greece. This is the band’s debut album, and contains eight tracks. I am impressed with the bombastic opening and assertiveness of the opening track, “The Executioner.” It has an ancient Egyptian quality to it, and the backing keys provide an eerie mood. The vocals are harsh and angry, and the main riff is downright bossy. The blending of percussion and instrumentation is just perfect, as is the timing of the vocals. Nothing beats the majesty of a French horn either. “Wishful Bliss” is next. A wonderfully melodic opening soon gives way to brutality. The main riff dances in and around the vocals, changing its attack in both pace and rhythm. A strong chorus with spacy keys ties in the Melodic Death sound very well. “New World Order” is the sound of this band nailing this album to the wall. A processional of sorts, it moves along purposefully. Once again they have found a way to work in some brilliant melody to the chaos and death. The dark intensity of the riffing spreads forth, like a disease taking foot in the overrun streets of poverty. “Withdrawn” is another strong track. They let a little more ambiance build here, allowing some of the more atmospheric elements to breathe. The vocal intensity though remains and this is where the contrast is pleasing. Some lead guitar harmonies also provide some diversity, and a nicely done bridge gives a Doomy and despondent feeling.

“In Entropy” is more straightforward, and I love the way they allow the sparkling keys to carry the opening. Once again they nail a short but memorable chorus here, and some varied background instruments which bring in just enough splendor into the darkness, like a momentary splash of color in the eternal blackness of death. Not to be outdone, the haunting piano parts in “Immune” show the dynamic impact that the band is going for. It’s a mid-tempo and moody piece that chugs along with all the fervor of an IRON MAIDEN sectional. Closing the album is the song “Dysthymia,” and they may have saved the best for last. I hear a distinct IN FLAMES kind of influence behind the opening riff and chord patters, and I daresay the band is closer to Melodic Death Metal than Black. This is the second debut album I have done from a Metal band from Greece within the past year. I am starting to think there is something magical in the water there. For a debut album, this is about as good as I have heard this year. The band composes and plays with all the confidence of a seasoned act. Not only that, but I am impressed with their branding here.

It is clear that their sound is unique, and that they are not afraid of taking chances. They also utilize a diverse mix of background instruments with perfect timing, while maintaining an accessibility in their sound that I believe will appeal to all Metalheads and fans of Extreme Metal music. Don’t let this one slip past you.Blending touches of symphonic metal as well as gothic and melodic death metal and a subtle dose of doom, STORMCAST have created a unique style and sound that they can truly call their own.

4 Star Rating

1. The Executioner
2. Wishfull Bliss
3. New World Order
4. Of Flesh and Stone
5. Withdrawn
6. In Entropy
7. Immune
8. Dysthymia
Mike Angastiniotis – Vocals, Guitars
George Masouras – Lead Guitars
Mark McDonald – Keyboards, Samples
Andreas Spyrou – Bass
Andrew Laghos – Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Pitch Black Records


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