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StormHammer - Cold Desert Moon (CD)

Cold Desert Moon
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 19 October 2001, 4:13 AM

Germany is very well known to those who listen to Metal to be the motherland of Power Metal. That's no lie and StormHammer is here to prove it. Prove what? That Germany gives birth to Power Metal bands? No, to prove that sometimes Germany gives birth to some good Power Metal bands!

From noticing the total number of Tracks on this album, a not so die hard Power Metal fan, would go 'oh no! How am I going to last through 12 tracks of power?'. At least…that's what I thought initially.

This band really knows how to flavor things up, add their own touch to it and just when you think it might get boring…Ups! There you have it, an interesting solo or rhythm etc! StormHammer has influences from Gamma Ray, Iron Savior and Edguy basically but as I said…they're good! So don't be jumping to any conclusions like 'Just another copy band'.

There are songs that are really fast-riding Power Metal (like Sinner's Soul, Breach of Faith and A Dragon's Tear) and slower ones with quite heavier rhythm sections (like Yells of Rage and Misty Hills). Something else I'd like to note is that a lot of the songs on Cold Desert Moon start very softly(guitar) and blast into fast or heavy riffs. That's something I found in a lot of their songs.

If you like Power mixed with a bit of Heavy and you're not too demanding in your choices…then let StormHammer storm your ears with music!

3 Star Rating

Sinner's Soul
The Law
Breach of Faith
Yells of Rage
Misty Hills
Children of the Dawn
Cold Desert Moon
A Dragon's Tear
Nobody's Child
Masquerade of Life
The Strength of Wisdom
Tommi Lion - Vocals
Alex Heigl - Guitars
Maniac Ewender - Guitars
Horst Tessman - Bass
Markus Heindl - Keyboards
Django Schuster - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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