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Stormland - Incident Report

Incident Report
by James Brizuela at 30 October 2019, 6:53 AM

STORMLAND, a solo death metal act from Canada, comes forth with a brand-new EP in “Incident Report”. Originally formed in 2003, STORMLAND has been active in releases since 2009. Well, a completely solo Death Metal act is not something that you come across very often. Much less a solo Death Metal act with some pretty catchy music. I can say that the music has an old school death metal leaning, but there is some more techy stuff that comes along as well. The simple fact that this is all done by one person is impressive. “To Begin…” comes in with some audio talking and a pretty techy finish. I can hear some NAPALM DEATH in this track. It is a little Grindcore sounding to me.

Contact” offers an old school death metal style. There is a lot going on the track. Many tempo changes and some impressive guitar soloing. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the vocals, but musically STORMLAND is pretty killer. “Not My Day to Die” comes in with full force and tech death style. With punishing blast beats and maniacal guitar riffing, the track never lets up. I like the more melodic style of “Process & Self-Medicate”. The opening of the track starts off completely instrumental, with first offering a more simplistic musical style that immediately leads into some brutal technical death metal. I would have to say this is my favorite track off the album, as it just shows the pure musicianship of Justin Pierrot. All his skills being showcased as a solo artist. There is this very 80's style sounding musical interlude that comes in, a complete surprise to me. Honestly, the fact that this album is recorded by one person is astonishing. The production value is a major plus. I thought the final track, which is a cover, was hilarious. I never thought I would hear a death metal rendition of “Break My Stride”. In fact, I don’t think I can hear that song any other way now.

Overall, “Incident Report” is a fun EP to listen to. STORMLAND has a lot going on as far as the death metal genre is concerned. The stylistic choices of Grindcore, Old School, and Tech Death worked perfectly together. You must give credit where credit is due and appreciate that this is a musically sound EP done by one person.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. To begin…
2. Contact
3. Not my Day to Die
4. Process & Self-Medicate
5. Break my Stride
Justin Pierrot – Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Programming
Record Label: Independent


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