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Street Lethal – Welcome to the Row Award winner

Street Lethal
Welcome to the Row
by Rachel Montgomery at 06 January 2020, 8:02 PM

STREET LETHAL was formed in Barcelona, Spain, by a group of siblings passionate about making true Heavy Metal. In solidarity, all members adopted the name “Lethal.” After releasing an EP covering BLACK SABBATH, MOTORHEAD, X-BOLT and others, they released a live album before releasing their debut full-length. It’s a solid album fit for fans of classic Metal.

Welcome to the Row” lets you know up-front that this is New Wave Traditional Metal with multiple techniques and roaring starts. From a snare start into a riff, to a changing melody through a drum roll, the band pulls no punches form the beginning. It’s a good instrumental warm-up for the rest of the album. Another surprise is the female vocalist; traditional Metal usually employs male vocals, so hearing a talented female front sets the band apart.

The production is good for a band of this style; they don’t try to make it sound retro, keeping the instrumentals clear. The vocals have a smooth, sultry sound that keeps the melody lines gliding throughout each song. Thematically, the album deals with street brawls and racing, and the melodies are fast and hard. In “Roll Racing” and “Searching the Wild,” the vocal melody glides along a speeding, oscillating riff before the solo takes over and continues the pace, giving the feeling of racing or fighting in the streets.

Rulers of the Underground” is their seven-minute ballad. It starts with some soft chords brought in by a roaring guitar, distant on the track, but it soars with a high-pitched melody. It’s a good use of musical foreshadowing, letting the listener know that the song will build. The buildup also gives the singer a good chance to show different styles, starting with a slow lounge-act style melody and working its way up to harder, edgier belts. The song changes melody after a few minutes to keep the song engaging, but the change happens too late in the song.

Into Your Mind” begins with a fast riff. It’s full of great, pent-up energy that keeps me hooked until the guitar squeals and the lyrics roar in. The vocals are clear and keep the song melodic atop speeding guitars and drum lines. The solo is a high-fueled melody that mainly continues the main riff with some variation. It’s a fist-pumping ending to the album.

Overall, the songs are consistent. The production is clear, the instrumentals are well-done and the vocals are unique. If you like 1980s-styled Metal but are tired of albums that sound like they were produced in a garage, this is a great band to check out.

Songwriting: 9
Production: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Welcome to the Row
2. Roll Racing
3. Searching the Wild
4. Rulers of the Underworld
5. Tyrants
6. Into Your Mind
Hell Rose Lethal – Vocals
Criss Lethal – Guitars
Dann Atomic Lethal – Guitars
Guilty Lethal – Bass
Eric Killer Lethal – Drums
Record Label: Fighter Records


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