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Stud - Out Of The Darkness

Out Of The Darkness
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 28 November 2013, 3:08 PM

I couldn’t understand something about the band STUD, it seems that they were formed back in 1986 when Metal was triumphant, however nothing was released with a possible breakup of the band only to make a comeback in 2013. This is quite a lot of time to remain behind the shadows, so hopefully they will make some noise with their new album “Out Of The Darkness”. So according to all info out there STUD seems to play old school Melodic Metal, something in the range of MOTORHEAD, JUDAS PRIEST and many others.

The album starts with "Out of the Darkness", the title track, and right from the first chord it is evident of the band's style which I like to call old wave of Metal, meaning 80’s melodic Metal but with a tad of modern production. This number is a journey back to the NWOBHM movement with classic riffing. The next one, "Rock Little Mama", also was induced with an amazing chorus and an a Glam Metal surge but still keeps up with the British sense. STUD even throws a classic power ballad to the mix with "Traveller", definitely one of the solid ones. "Reach Out" is probably the best one around, an 8 minutes epic with a lot to show, consisting of tempo shifts, variety of riffs, reminding a little bit of the MANOWAR eposes. A great addition to my growing list of best tracks, which now stands at 97 and it keeps on growing, respect.

Generally, there is nothing new from the STUD clan, nothing to renew, taking the old days and revamping them in the present, usually done by comeback bands. But for one thing, STUD did it well and correspondingly. 

4 Star Rating

1. Out of the Darkness
2. Rock Little Mama
3. Renegade
4. Lovers in the Night
5. Holy Light
6. Traveller
7. Run to the Shelter
8. Secrets of Love
9. Feel Good
10. Sea Child
11. Reach out
Stenda Kukkonen - Drums
Mika Kansikas - Guitars
Ari Toivanen - Vocals
Matti Jalonen - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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