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Studfaust - Where The Underdogs Bark Award winner

Where The Underdogs Bark
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 04 August 2014, 5:21 PM

Your Old Bug Daddy here will never understand certain things on Metal…

At the very beginning of the 90’s, Norway was the homeland of Black Metal, with almost everyone using corpse make-up, heavy spikes and leather clothes and even some criminal actions occurred back then. Ok, ok, I understand what all of you, my nephews and nieces will say, but the bigger question to me is: why some former members from ancient bands try to do something extremely different from what we are used to hear from them?

Yes, this question strikes me when I hear bands from former members from earlier Black Metal bands, and it’s the very case of STUDFAUST, that have Bard Faust (former EMPEROR drummer), Stud Bronson (former member from OLD FUNERAL), and Pete Evil (from BLOOD TSUNAMI), and the result is a mix between Punk and Metal, in the same vein from old MOTORHEAD, TANK and WARFARE. It’s not bad, but it is starting to become a trend on Norway…

It’s tough and raw in terms of sound production, like the bands mentioned above, with a quality that all can understand what is being played, but the raw feeling of earlier Metal Punk mix is bitter and present during the seven tracks.

“Half Human Half Dynamite”, “Where the Underdogs Bark”, “Street Judge’s Gavel” and “1980’s Ladies” are the best songs of the EP, and the energy and aggressiveness is extremely tough, even more than the bands I named above (yes, I had written the same phrase again), with great riffs, vocals, drums and bass, but the question I have is extremely simple: where is all the musical radicalism preached before?

I remind of Euronimous preaching against Punk sometime between 1992-1993 on an interview. So, if it’s the case, let’s assume that all that attitudes were big mistakes, and the best to do is live on and hear good music as STUDFAUST is up to bring us.

4 Star Rating

1. Half Human Half Dynamite
2. Where the Underdogs Bark
3. Hell is Full
4. Street Judge's Gavel
5. Erection of the Egoist
6. The Devil of Mine
7. 1980’s Ladies
Tore Bratseth – Guitars, Vocals
Pete Evil – Bass
Faust – Drums
Record Label: Soulseller Records


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