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Subliminal Crusher - Endvolution (CD)

Subliminal Crusher
by Yiannis Doukas at 16 January 2009, 1:19 PM

I cannot stand another clone of THE HAUNTED. Have mercy! Same things, the same thousand times heard before stuff. Put Slaughter Of The Soul, as much as THE HAUNTED you can, some of MACHINE HEAD, DARKANE and SLIPKNOT together with PANTERA and Low (is it a word representing that period?) era from TESTAMENT and you get right to the point.  
If there was a possibility for this stuff to be at least unbearable it should have had inside some furious, aggressive and violent tunes and feelings. In some parts, yes you'll meet something like that but if you look overall it is total sleep. And we are talking about something that is called 'Thrash'. The third album of these Italians that formed by the rhythm section of HYADES, one really good band into the Bay Area style together with S.O.D., has excellent production and sound according to the modern times and trendy listeners. What they don't have is serious music. At least, according to my taste.
If I would take a deeper look what I found is one pretty intro song, named Preface and then the following three can be characterized as THE HAUNTED covers. Not only in the music but also to the vocal style that keeps this embarrassing rap-core style of these Sweds. Just check songs like Bored, which includes in the end a super 'cool' fashion trendy (it cannot be) melodic passage that is indescribable. Just like this jumping masked circus from the USA. Next to them, most of the tracks are HardCore, but they have lack of power, so they turn into being impossibly boring.
Is it everything so shit? No, there are some nice riffs, they have a strong base in their songs that turns them ear friendly in a way that are easy to understand and they are skilled musicians in what they have chosen to play. The vocals have some color which is not so common in bands of that genre but firstly they should seek for more personality in their sound and second should throw away the mediocre and pussy parts and keep the most inspired ones. Endvolution is only for people that worship the previously mentioned bands, although I must once again repeat that if any of you wants to hear THRASH there are many new coming pieces of ultimate headbanging that are waiting to be identified.

2 Star Rating

Just All I Want
The Visionaire Pt.1
The Promise
Life Arises
Wellness Perfection
The Visionaire Pt.2
Jerico - Bass
Rawdeath - Drums
Hwk - Guitars
Panduk - Guitars
Steph - Voice
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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