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Subservience - Ascending from the Abyss

Ascending from the Abyss
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 23 May 2019, 6:33 AM

Even using a set of Old School elements, some bands prefers to dig up their own musical path, instead of following what has already set by others. That’s what can be called as musical personality, and it’s becoming a very hard item to find today. But SUBSERVIENCE is a fine surprise, for their EP “Ascending from the Abyss” is a violent storm of personality.

Their musical ways is a form of Death Metal that mixes influences from OSOBDM (Old School of British Death Metal, and names as BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION are good references to it) with some bone crushing elements from Swedish Death Metal (some guitar riffs are clearly influence by bands as DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED), but as well, some modern outfit can be detected (in a way similar to old KATAKLYSM). But hold your horses, dear readers: these Death Metal butchers are distilling their four songs using a proud, bold and violent personality. Be prepared for some neck-breaking time!

To make the mix of such kind of musical elements, a fine production was demanded. And the sound quality fits in an excellent way to it, being brutal and aggressive, but allowing the songs to flow in a way that they can be assimilated by the listeners easy. But the choice for the instrumental tunes was done in a way that a raw traditional Death Metal feeling appears as well. “Neurotic Imperfection” is an abrasive song, filled with excellent set of rhythms, from fast moments to slower ones, what shows a good work from bass guitar and drums; on “Flesh of the Dead”, some of oppressive modern elements can be detected, living along with traditional speed and bone-stomping guitars, and the same elements can be heard on “The Deceit Epidemic” as well. And a set of violent Death Metal tempos are presented on “Pathogenocide”, where the vocals shows excellent grunts.

Greek and Trojans fans of Death Metal, hear it, for “Ascending from the Abyss” is a perfect choice for you, and SUBSERVIENCE’s music will slash your ears to shreds!

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Neurotic Imperfection
2. Flesh of the Dead
3. The Deceit Epidemic
4. Pathogenocide
Dan Lofthouse - Vocals
Scott Bishop - Guitars
Martin Shouler - Guitars
Lewis Cass - Bass
Dinko Pehlic - Drums
Record Label: UKEM Records


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