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Subterfuge – Prometheus Award winner

by Caio Botrel at 13 November 2019, 12:32 AM

SUBTERFUGE is a band from Poland that mixes Heavy Metal and Death Metal with the crazyness of the Progressive Metal sounds. The band has a different sound and their own saxophonist player, which is really cool. They have recently released their double album "Prometheus" that has sixteen tracks and I guarantee you that it's dynamic and cool. Let's talk about it.

The opening song from the album is the instrumental song "Dreamless Sleep" which has a nice space atmosphere and a deep narration that created a cool ambiance. "Earth Sun and Life" shows what this band is all about, as it has different vocals switching from the female and male clean vocals to the guttural and harsh ones. The instrumental is beautiful, the acoustic guitars here followed by the synths gave the song a great touch. “Aliens" has this cool space sound again and the atmosphere that they created here and its a really aggressive song. I loved how the guttural vocals sounded on this one, they are heavy, strong and tight. This song sounds theatrical, I think that it has an awesome dynamic to be played live. "The Meeting" starts with cool acoustic guitars that are supported by the synths on the background and soon followed by cool clean male vocals and some violins. The first part of the song is sang by a man and the second part is by a woman. There's a beautiful sax solo on it… oh, I loved.

"Experiment" is also a highlight in the first part of the album. It has some cool Heavy Metal riffs mixed up with the aggressive drive vocals from the two singers and it even has Black Metal kind of guitar riffin'.  "The Truth" is the last song from CD One and it starts with their already known great acoustic guitar sound, followed by the synths and then the heavy guitars hits in. This song is 13:06 minutes lenght and has a great dynamic, it's not boring at all and it showed that they can write Epic songs without lost themselves. "Escape" is the opening for the second part of the album and it has a very beautiful instrumental part that grows slowly creating a good ambiance for the song. I loved the guitar riffs from the stanzas and the vocals as well.

"Promotheus" is the song that gave its name to this Epic album and it starts with a very sweet and calm instrumental parts that were made by the acoustic guitars and synths. For being the title track I was expecting more, but it still a good song. "Chosen One" starts with a beautiful piano sound that is soon joined by the acoustic guitar that plays the same melodies. It's a beautiful song and just as heavy as the previous ones. This is something that I like about this band: they can mix everything and still sound like their own. "Revenge" is kind of a pure Death Metal song with the instrumental parts being as fast as a shark and the aggressive vocals. The fans of this style mentioned above will love this for sure. "Nightfall" but not in Middle Earth… has a cool instrumental sound and they have used the two vocalists to sing some duets on this song as well.

Well, there's a song carrying the name of the band "Subterfurge" here. It starts with a great acoustic guitar that reminded me even of the renascence music kind of sound and the female vocals are so deep and sweet here… it gave me goozebumps. I loved the saxophone sound on this one, it reminded me of the Prog masters of SUPERTRAMP. Definetily one of the highlights on the whole material. "Farewell" has the same vibe from the previous songs, but it has a saxophone shredding solo. Seriously… thats freaking amazing!!! "To The Stars" is the song that closes the album and it starts with the same space sound that the album has started, but this time its followed by some other instruments.

They have released such an amazing album that I am speechless in many ways. I'm not really into Progressive Metal, but they have manage to mix a bunch of different styles not only of Metal, but other kinds of music and created their own and unique sound. Even thou some songs sounds similar, it doesn't get boring at all. They deserve so much more attention from the media and the fans. Its definelity one of the best Progressive Metal albums that I have ever listened to. Give them the prize.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Dreamless Sleep
2. Earth Sun and Life
3. Aliens
4. Identity
5. The Meeting
6. Enslaved
7. Experiment
8. Truth

9. Escape
10. Prometheus
11. Chosen One
12. Revenge
13. Nightfall
14. Subterfurge
15. Farewell
16. To The Stars
Matheusz Drzewicz – Vocals
Kinga Lis – Vocals and Violin
Tyberiusz Slodkiewicz – Guitars
Witek Nowak – Guitars
Piotr Grabkowski – Saxophone
Piotr Lamparski - Bass
Daruisz Brzozowski – Drums
Adam Novak – Synths
Record Label: Pure Steel Publishing


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