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Suicidal Tendencies - 13 Award winner

Suicidal Tendencies
by CJ "Music God" Plain at 04 April 2013, 11:24 AM

As a young kid growing up, I was raised on a steady diet of Southern Rock, Motown, and Country music. It was during a trip to California to visit my mother that I was introduced to the incredible sounds of Punk music. One of those bands was SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. The very first time I heard "I Saw Your Mommy" and "Institutionalized", I knew that they were a force to be reckoned with and I would be a long time fan. That was in 1983. Here it is 2013, 30 years later and I am still a die-hard Cyco.

The band has just released "13". The album's title has four meanings. The album's title is a reference to the fact that it contains 13 songs, and that it is SUICIDAL TENDENCIES' first full-length in 13 years. Also, 13 is SUICIDAL TENDENCIES' 13th studio release and was released in 2013. So, how does the band fare in this day and age?

The record starts out with the slamming track "Shake It Out". where lead singer Mike Muir let's you know, "My name is Cyco Miko and I'm a Maniac!" All the trademark S/T sound is here: the crazy vocals, the ripping guitars, the funky bass lines, and the bruising drums. The madness continues with second track, "Smash It!" which rocks at about 150 MPH. Dean Pleasants has delivered an amazing guitar sound for this. It's the S/T sound that we've all grown to love with Pleasants’ own funky twist on it.

On the track "God Only Knows Who I Am", bassist Tim Williams carries the tune with a thick, chunky bass line straight out of the INFECTIOUS GROOVES playbook. This tune has Cyco Miko lamenting, "Dear God, Why does it take a lifetime to live, but only a second to die" before giving way to Pleasants' bluesy funk guitar solo.

On "Show Some Love" they take the sound back to that original 1983 style with a Hardcore skater Punk style. Williams delivers more slamming bass lines on this one. This guy is a monster bass player and really had me playing air bass while listening to this.

On lead single "Cyco Style", Muir is once again leading the charge with his raucous, over the top vocal style. There's nobody else like Cyco Miko and even at 50 year old, he's got the energy of a teenager on this.

Overall, this is a blistering, rowdy romp through all the styles that SUICIDAL TENDENCIES have pioneered over the years. They haven't re-invented the wheel here but they don't have to. Some bands do what they do without the fuss and muss of artsy fartsy grandstanding. This is one of those bands. They're not here to sing you ballads, make you fall in love, or change your world view. They're here to Rock your ass and absolutely nobody does it better.

Stay Cyco my friends!

4 Star Rating

1. Shake It Out
2. Smash It!
3. This Ain't A Celebration
4. God Only Knows Who I Am
5. Make Your Stand
6. Who's Afraid?
7. Show Some Love…Tear It Down
8. Cyco Style
9. Slam City
10. Till My Last Breath
11. Living The Fight
12. Life… (Can't Live With It, Can't Live Without It)
13. This World
Mike Muir - Vocals
Eric Moore - Drums
Dean Pleasants - Guitars
Tim Williams - Bass
Nico Santora - Guitars
Record Label: Suicidal Records


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