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Sully Erna - Hometown Life

Sully Erna
Hometown Life
by Dan Disorder at 16 October 2017, 6:06 PM

SULLY ERNA of GODSMACK fame has enjoyed a very successful run with his music from the late 90’s to the present. His very distinctive voice is one of the staples of the early 2000’s heavy music era; and GODSMACK to this day are a potent force within international heavy rock circles. Now SULLY has concocted a stylishly soothing album, which is peppered with the rich angst of tone that he made famous in his previous works; titled, “Hometown Life”, this is the follow up release to his debut, “Avalon”, and is released through BMG North America.

My intrigue is immediately tweaked by the uplifting piano introduction of the title track, “Hometown Life”, which ripples to a warm and encompassing rhythm that allows Sully’s rich, masculine vocal chords to reach emotive notes, which still harness a post grunge weightiness to them. The next track, “Your Own Drum”, has a really bouncy beat to it; instantaneously I couldn’t help but draw a smile and bop my head to it, the speed climbs just a fraction further while the vocals provide a big, drawn out melody of lyrics that explore self-discovery. The album then allows the listener to take a glimpse at the more vulnerable side of Mr Erna; “Different Kind Of Tears” is clearly a very personal piece of music. The fiery rage dripping delivery that he is famous for, gives way to a touching journey of hurt and remorse; the slow and soft steps in this song held me perfectly still in my seat for the full duration.

A couple of tracks later, “Turn It Up!” starts off with a funky bass bump, the low, almost whispering, voice has an infectiously catchy delivery, which builds an excitement with only a minor increase in pace; it then bursts into full bloom when the horn section give the chorus a roaring, jazz kind of feel to it. Over the complete ten tracks that are on “Hometown Life”, I felt that I know so much more about Sully as a musician than I did before. This is a courageous release of music that has a validated maturity to it, and is a refreshing departure from the weapons-grade aggression of GODSMACK. In the chapters of your life, during moments of grief and uncertainty, there is a soundtrack to liberate yourself from that and get you one step closer to clarity. Here it is.

Song Writing- 8
Originality- 8
Memorability- 8
Production- 9

4 Star Rating

1. Hometown Life
2. Your Own Drum
3. Different Kind Of Tears
4. Take All Of Me
5. Don’t Comfort Me
6. Turn It Up!
7. Blue Skies
8. Forever My Infinity
9. Father Of Time
10. Falling To Black
Sully Erna - Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Tim Theriault - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Chris Decato - Keyboard, Backing Vocals
Chris Lester - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
David Stefanelli - Drums
Irina Chirkova - Cello
Lisa Guyer - Vocals
Sal Erna, Matt Langley, Zach Lange, Kendall Moore - Horns on "Turn it Up!"
Record Label: BMG North America


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