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Summit - Echoes Of Aberration

Echoes Of Aberration
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 September 2018, 9:18 PM

Joining a quite varied scenery of bands, small town Metalcore rising starlets, SUMMIT, certainly have something to show for. As they make their step into the next league, from a band that merely perform live, but also proving itself in the studio, SUMMIT unleash their debut EP “Echoes Of Aberration”. Sure, we have been swarmed by countless Metalcore acts, along with their counterparts in the Post-Hardcore scene, which I dare to say sound a whole lot similar, yet as I believe that any Traditional Metal band has something of its own to give, it is bound to be the same with Metalcore groups.

What I like about SUMMIT is that they are always on the move, never stop pumping blood into their music with those awful boring breakdowns rhythms. Pretty similar to the vast variety of Metalcore acts, there is a spillage of emotions, not Emocore style, like a thunderstorm in a clear day. I have to admit that “Echoes Of Aberration” qualified with great colors on showing the bleaker end of things. Furthermore, SUMMIT display beyond the basic guitar work, scaling a bit between Djent and slightly shifting to contemporary Melodic Death Metal, enhancing with swift melodies. I believe that I even heard an attempt for a solo guitar on “Patient Zero”, my EP’s favorite. I found the charging growls like the rest of them, as to be expected, yet in this band there is a fine divergence with a well performed clean vocals offerings.

“Echoes”, SUMMIT’s debut single, and video, that was released in July, may as well be a fine introduction to the band. It annihilates with a crushing main riff, shifting towards a tunnel of groove right into the belly of the beast. “Patient Zero” slams its way with ease, so smooth, shedding clarity with its escalating level of violence, to a limit of course until it breaks into a heartfelt peak moment. I was also impressed by “Abyss” and opener “Cut You Open”.

The Australian Metal scene has plenty to offer to the worldwide Metal scene, no matter the area. I like what I have been listening from that area of the world and we are bound to be kicked a lot more by SUMMIT in the coming years in particular.

4 Star Rating

1. Cut You Open
2. Echoes
3. Abyss
4. Patient Zero
5. Seppuku
Matthew Greenaway - Vocals
Jordan Atwill - Guitars
James Atwill - Guitars
Wesley Beck - Bass
Joshua Haines - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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