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Sun Of Nothing - ...In The Weak And The Wounded (CD)

Sun Of Nothing
...In The Weak And The Wounded
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 26 November 2007, 11:11 AM

I remember the first time I came across SUN OF NOTHING's music in 2003, when the band had issued its debut album …And Voices, Words, Faces, Complete The Dream… and many people were surprised with the potential the band showed from its very first official release. I was waiting for the band's next step and it seems that I had to wait for four years until these sickos release one more album.

The band hails from Athens, Greece, and it has managed to play live in many local clubs supporting great acts like BURST, ELECTRIC WIZARD and SUNN O))). After the really good debut album, the band left Damaged Productions and entered Venerate Industries, the label that helped them release the album I am currently reviewing.

The Athenian weirdoes have just released their sophomore effort and even though I know this band for four years, I still haven't managed to come to a conclusion about what music do they play. Their sound is a mixture between many different things such as ISIS style Post Hardcore, ENSLAVED's Progressive Black Metal, as well as the Sludge we were taught by bands like ACID BATH and THE MELVINS. Even though the album contains only seven songs (there is also an intro before Mr. Dudley's Soul), the duration is approximately 56 minutes, something that is justified by the band's style of monotonous and nihilistic approach to music.

The singer's vocals, which are both hi pitched harsh screams and deep growls, are completing the work we call …In The Weak And The Wounded in a pretty good way, even though my personal opinion is that his growling could use a little more work. The sound is raw, as the sound that most of the band's in this kind of music use, and the band owes this to George Briggos, the man behind many of Greece's extreme bands.

SUN OF NOTHING's music is so strange and complex, that I would not risk advising you to buy this album or not. I leave this to you and I believe listening to new and weird stuff will spend many hours, days, months etc on this album. I also initially wanted to avoid rating it, but I want you to know that the rating I finally decided to have may be subject to change in my own mind. Never mind, just enjoy these guys and have your eyes and ears open.

3 Star Rating

Mr. Dudley's Soul
White Freak
The Prisons You Create
Dead Hands And Stupid Hearts
As You Laugh I Envy You
Ilias - Vocals
Giannis - Guitar
Andreas - Bass, Vocals
Dimitris - Drums
Record Label: Venerate Industries


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