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Sunrise - Traces to Nowhere (CD)

Traces to Nowhere
by Grigoris Chronis at 13 October 2004, 11:35 PM

Prologue: Straightedge bands are not my kind of Metal, so I won't be fair enough - even if I want to - 'cause sometimes it's too hot to handle a genre you don't really like that much musically. On the other hand, bands like Pantera or Machine Head - for some, also Marilyn Manson or Ministry - trade upon their sharp-nailed chords or paranoia-based harmony corruption, baptized as Metal acts. At least, Sunrise keep on endless pounding, crying out their influences without giving a fuckin' damn 'bout what's the label on top. In addition, it's their attitude that counts as well (read below). Hello guys, you might have won a be well-disposed towards editor/fan!
History: Sunrise started in 1994 in Ostrowiec, Poland. They were pretty pissed off, coming from a punk and metal background, so - all psyched with HC - they teamed up together to create a unit to provoke people in their local scene and make them think while trying to promote fun. A five song demo tape called Fire Walk With Me (1997) was welcomed by the crowd. Sunrise, recorded their debut Generation of Sleepwalkers (1998) which paved a brand new path for the band - way more brutal, combined with in-your-face lyrics, which painted a kind of bleak picture of the world we live in. The CD got awesome feedback and half a year later a new record was done - Child of Eternity (2000). Adam aka Cood, and Arek (ex-Nowa Droga/Unsilent/Pain Runs Deep) joined Sunrise. In 2001 Czaja replaced Arek, first playing bass and then guitar. The band put out a MCD Still Walking With The Fire (2002), which contained a video to the titled song. In late 2002 Sunrise hit the studio again to record 3 unreleased, yet not that new songs for a split with Belgium monsters Liar under the title Decontaminate (2003).
Music: Sunrise play interesting Metalcore music, as far as I'm concerned, way above average unlike other bands. The fact that this is their second Lifeforce release, after the split with Liar definately is a symbol of quality itself for the fans of this genre, since Lifeforce is well known for bringing up bands like Heaven Shall Burn and Destiny as well as many other well known names in this market. The sound of Traces To Nowhere is very rough and brutal, something not bad at all; the only thing that I couldn't see positively is the voice. Not because that it's not rhythmed or weak, but I think there's no discrepancy in it. As for the musicians: helluva stiff rhythm section - we 're talking 'bout merciless pounding - with abstemious yet concise solo work, all greatly supported by a lowbred production exemplary for metallcore pursuivants. I 'd definitely want to see the band perform - or should I say slay - live…
Outro: All of the Sunrise members embrace the meat free life style (while most of them are vegans). They are also opposed to drugs and the majority of them have been sxe for years. They never tried to separate from other people because of what they choose to believe. Even if these guys don't play real metal - in the classic terminology - they ARE Metal and they MEAN Metal, far better than other counterfeit keepers of the Metal sceptre…
- Album Highlights: Born Free Die Free, Traces to Nowhere and Scream Bloody Murder

3 Star Rating

Born Free Die Free
Coma Is Over
Escape Failure
Traces to Nowhere
Compromise Zero
Beyond Sanity
Scream Bloody Murder
Undercover Enemy
Smiling Bag
Daniel - Guitar
Arek - Drums
Adam - Bass
Piotr - Guitar
Pat - Vocals
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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