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Sunrunner - Sacred Arts Of Navigation

Sacred Arts Of Navigation
by Andrew Harvey at 24 May 2022, 7:44 AM

From the North East of the USA, SUNRUNNER are a progressive rock band which also take elements of heavy metal or hard rock into their style. In the line up; is the vocalist BRUNO NEVES who certainly makes an impact to the group, guitarist/vocalist JOE MARTIGNETTI is also in there, as is DAVID JOY on bass guitar and drummer TED MACINNES. It should be noted that all members have contributed to vocals as BRUNO NEVES only joined the band back in 2018. However the band itself goes back to 2008 when they came together.

Their musical journey set off with their self-titled EP in 2011, followed on by their debut album titled EYE OF THE MASTER. Another EP with tracks again arrived in 2013 before their second album TIME IN STONE came; it was 2 years before their third album HELIODROMUS was released in 2015. A fourth album was also released in 2018, ANCIENT ARTS OF SURVIVAL which was closely followed by another EP and a live album in 2019/20.

Their fifth album SACRED ARTS OF NAVIGATION was released in March earlier this year and it starts off with “The Launch” which is merely a short guitar intro before drums eventually joins in. A sustained hold on guitar brings us into “Promise Of Gold” where the tempo is slow at first but then picks up with drums leading the way. Vocals also speak up and an electric guitar accompanies vocals accenting certain notes plus notes in the drum patterns later on in this track. “Faraway Worlds” has a different sound very much a more contemporary intro with drums and sustained guitar teaming up for a gradual ascent by dynamically levels out. There is a vast progressive movement as vocals also join as electric guitar brings the lower end of bass guitar into the mix.

A short tremolo effect on electric guitar is a great addition as we go into the next track. “Invisible Demon Of Ideology” is a more upbeat rocky track with punching drums, even bass guitar can be heard as it is more clarified than before. The track slows down briefly but rises back to the prog rock tempo driving in full force with vocals shrieking at one point. “Where Is My Home” with a crescendo of a drum fill especially guitar in with it’s melodic but mid range projection.

Vocals have more clarity on lyrics especially the song title but guitar collaborates with bass guitar or drums to set the tone as there are more alternative rock elements. Electric guitar plays around later on to connect vocals back in the mix as the track marches on. “Acadia Morning Ride” comes next with acoustic guitar instead with a percussive rhythm. Another form of guitar is heard, higher in pitch as the tempo is pretty cool and catchy too. There are no vocals throughout as we quickly steer into track seven which is “Obstacle Illusion”. Drums kick off with a stamping pattern as guitar carries the melody with vocals in tow.

The momentum here is strong and comprehensive as the combined forces of all instruments makes this track stand out as guitar embellishes once more with high range riffs. There is no stopping point as we are guided into track eight which is “Dragonship”. This track has a guitar crescendo as drums correlate very well before there is a sway rhythm maybe in triplets as guitar marks this time structure. There is a sign of vocals joining as this is more instrumental for all the other instruments which is fluid and creative.

“Last Night In Tulum” sees a return for vocals to now set a more mellow tone where drums bow out yet percussive rhythm remains to accompany vocals and electric guitar. Then suddenly drums come in with soft playing for a quiet stance. “No Mess, Magic” with a crescendo on drums as guitar sweeps in for vocals to set a more continuous rhythm as guitar or drums does some solo movement. Vocals rejoin to contribute further on as we enter the final phase of this album which is “Navigating The Apocalypse”.

A guitar riff introduces drums into the fore as they have a short partnership before the tempo builds up as drums sneak in again. Acoustic guitar appears for a brief time as the progressive and alternative rock elements are audible as vocals lead to short sections of its own. Heavy bass and guitar riffs sway as the vocals take a short passage of their own before the prog rock sound has another phase of play as the tempo or dynamics settle down. Vocals come back and forth into the spotlight as the rest of the band provides the support the track has to have to gain any recognition.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Launch
2. Promise Of Gold
3. Faraway Worlds
4. Invisible Demon Of Ideology
5. Where Is My Home
6. Acadia Morning Ride
7. Obstacle Illusion
8. Dragonship
9. Last Night In Tulum
10. No Mess, No Magic
11. Navigating The Apocalypse
Bruno Neves - Vocals
Joe Martignetti - Guitar and Vocals
David Joy - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Ted MacInnes - Drums and Vocals
Record Label: Fastball Music


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