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Sunstrike - Rock Your World Award winner

Rock Your World
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 24 April 2014, 6:32 AM

SUNSTRIKE is a Melodic Hard Rock / AOR band from Falun / Borlänge in Sweden. The band was formed by guitarist Joachim Nordlund and the drummer Johan Lindstedt alongside the singer Christian Hedgren (TWILIGHT FORCE, THE THEANDER EXPRESSION) by the fall of 2012. Joachim and Johan also are in the Swedish metalact Astral Doors. Mix & mastering make Erik Mårtensson (ECLIPSE, W.E.T). Their debut album "Rock Your World” will be released on 25th April 2014.

On this album every song is well-worked, and worth the listen. In the title track "Rock Your World”our ears are attack by great guitars & typical AOR melody. A very catchy and memorable refrain makes amazing climate of Hard Rock. Gentle keyboards, with stronger guitar riffs, and mega power with a stadium choir. Brings to mind such bands as EUROPE or H.E.AT.. Opening track “Power Of The Dreams” has energetic sounds & AOR keys with pulsating bass with amazing choir in memorable chorus. I like so much “Rock It Out” with modern echoes and keys very similar to sounds of “Die with your Dreams” PRETTY MAIDS, also EUROPE guitars & bass with riffs so similar to “Smoke On the Water” by DEEP PURPLE. Generally very catchy track! Kick ass track “Scream And Shout” is full of stronger & powerful guitars, Hammond keys and commercial chorus! Another Melodic refrain which dig in your mind is in “Heat Of The Night”, where '80’s years of Hard Rock just pour out. I was enchanted by the catchy melodic refrain, nice lyrics and singing by fantastic and strong voice of vocalist, pretty well working bass, nice keys & clear drums in style of DOKKEN, GOTTHARD or WINGER. Christian Hedgren is the perfect vocalist, and his voice is suitable to such kind of music which they create. He puts everything into singing, power, force, melody and clear. Worth a mention, is that his English is very well understood, and the choir in the background add flavour to these songs. The Fabulous guitars and grand guitar solo are just awesome in “Fireball”. Great melodic AOR work is in “Roll The Dice” and modern sounds in “Edge Of Life” are little similar to BON JOVI. Interesting is “Higher” with piano opening and heavier riffs in higher climate of chorus. The Melodic chorus mixes gentle piano & stronger guitars.

SUNSTRIKE is very good band, and as almost every Swedish band, creates perfect music. Guys remember to listeners about old good Hard Rock and AOR sounds. They present to listeners beautiful sounds. Their music is played very well and it is melodic & energetic. Compositions of SUNSTRIKE are so catchy and enjoyable during listening. After listening to the whole CD I still have on my mind amazing songs which I can hum. This band is totally awesome, and their killer songs will be more popular day by day. Production on this album is on high level, and is a listenable experience of musician’s talents. I think their debut album is interesting, and I highly recommend to every lover of Melodic Hard Rock & AOR. Fans of good music, go to music shops and buy the debut CD of Swedish guys to fire / light sun in your hearts!

4 Star Rating

1. Power Of The Dreams
2. Rock Your World
3. Fireball
4. Right Track
5. Roll The Dice
6. Rock It Out
7. Never Let You Go
8. Higher
9. Scream And Shout
10. Into The Light
11. Edge Of Life
12. Heat Of The Night
Christian Hedgren - Vocals
Joachim Nordlund - Guitars / Vocals
Mats Gesar - Guitars / Vocals
Björn Lundqvist - Bass / Vocals
Fredrik Plahn - Keyboards / Vocals
Johan Lindstedt - Drums
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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