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Supercharger - Real Machine

Real Machine
by Emmalyn Campbell at 16 July 2018, 1:04 PM

SUPERCHARGER is Hard Rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Starting from their first EP in 2007, the group has since released four full-length albums, including 2018’s “Real Machine,” which includes 10 tracks.

Off We Go” begins with a massive amount of energy, fast drums, the chorus at the start of the song, and the repetition of the question “Don’t you wanna do it?,” as an invitation to take part in a journey together. It’s not a mind-blowing first track, but it has replay value, especially on big speakers. Like its predecessor, “Rottenburg” also introduces the chorus first, but despite listeners knowing what to expect, the verses aren’t throwaways until that point. They build, utilize drums well, and the bridge in this song is fantastic. The main things that take away from “Shake It Off” is that the vocals in the verses only hit a few notes, and the chorus is pretty simple, mainly relying on the song’s title. The guitar solo is great but not enough to save it overall.

The Ride” is much better, the drumming top-notch, the chorus big and packed with melody, and great guest vocals from Clare Cunningham, her voice raspy and commanding, yet she and Linc Van Johnson complement each other beautifully. “Seven” is another banger. The chorus is monstrous, the percussion is driving and unique, and that guitar solo just buries all others so far. “Another One to Die” really stands out among the other tracks. It stays slow, the drums pounding like a march to war, and the chorus is thick with deep harmonies like an old ALICE IN CHAINS song. I also appreciate it for showing the group’s commitment to experimenting with multiple ways of songwriting. As if on cue, “Take Back” is a 1-80 from its predecessor. It’s fast where the other is slow and lets bass take center stage. It’s another song with a pretty standard chorus, but the bridge and guitar work are quite pleasing. “Watching All Our Heroes Die” is another slower song, but it doesn’t build in intensity nearly as well as “Another One to Die.”

The Punch” is short and sweet, featuring a high-energy chorus and impressive solo. The album closes with “Forsaken Sin,” a beautiful ballad full of emotion, lovely acoustics, and inspired percussion. I have a real problem when a band doesn’t close an album with some of their best work, and this doesn’t disappoint.

As a listener unfamiliar with their work, SUPERCHARGER’S fourth album is on the whole a great listen. Like most works, there are some stronger points and weaker points, but the stronger points are particularly fantastic. Songs like “Forsaken Sin,” “The Ride,” and “Seven” show a group not afraid to branch out in sub-genres and who don’t want to be stuck in a simple “Hard Rock” label. It’s heavy at times, appreciates melody, and utilizes the group full range of talents.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Off We Go
2. Rottenburg
3. Shake It Up
4. The Ride
5. Seven
6. Another One to Die
7. Take Back
8. Watching All Our Heroes Die
9. The Punch
10. Forsaken Sin
Thomas Buchwald – Lead Guitar
Benjamin Funk – Drums
Karsten Dines Johansen – Bass
Ronni Clasen – Keys, Harp Guitar, Percussion
Linc Van Johnson – Vocals
Record Label: Gain Music Entertainment


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Edited 22 February 2019

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