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Superfecta - Superfecta

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 October 2013, 4:55 PM

Utilizing merits for the outset of a hazy kind of substance, a trigger of creativity emerges, induced like a drug into a system that is more than ready to accept it. Probably, in a vague and weird sort of way, I just describe cognitive diversity of a musician that was willing to experiment in order to explore his own abilities as a composer / songwriter. This testing, somewhat of a trial by fire once in a while, can impeccably decide a certain fate of a musical creation. However, it is much simpler than that as I tried to provide an inner view of the manipulation of Rock, as like any band or artist has been doing for years. Even if stated, nothing really remains in its original form, and it comes from experience. As for the English foursome crew of SUPERFECTA, their tweaking of Hard Rock is considerably notable, flying around with their arms spread crossing previous three decades for the realization of their image. I must entail that it had me intrigued as Hard Rock crossbred with Grunge and vintage Rock in such a manner that it will remain as an event to be remembered. The revelation will be shown on this here “Superfecta” EP issue of four tracks.

Throughout the EP, even on the MOTORHEADish law breaking speeding blitzkrieg of “Pendulum” that with its rupturing antics wasn’t able to put an end to the general feeling I had, there has been a spreading ambience, like a strong scent that is hard to escape from. SUPERFECTA established through the guitar lines, whether the distorted overtones, octaves and chords, abridged lead licks and conventional Rock soloing. Through the blissful thoroughfares of “Inside”, for instance, which I regard it as the band’s strongest hit out of this EP, I felt like being swallowed, mesmerized by the instrumental channels engulfing me with their a colder sort of embrace. It felt modern with its riffing and vocals, 90’s driven actually, but with a far gaze back into the late 70’s spreading like an infection by its lead guitar line. “Paradox”, slowly gaining altitude, initiated the atmospheric nature of the band’s music, rocking it up a little with Grungy riffery and silky smooth vocal section that preserved the ambient productivity of the previous track, similar to late era of FOO FIGHTERS that paid much more attention to details other than just rocking it up away.

Occasionally, I wouldn’t show such a preference this direction of Rock, as an old school Metalhead, yet when it grips, and I would state it bluntly, by the balls, it had you by the minute. Judging by this EP, SUPERFECTA has a powerful influence, always waiting to gulp you back into the EP’s core, its multitude and conviction. I can’t wait for a full length with hopes that it would show me a much lengthier path into use and abuse Hard Rock of the modern age.    

4 Star Rating

1. She’s A Star
2. Paradox
3. Inside
4. Pendulum
Andy Urwin - Vocals
Danun Todd - Guitars
Junior - Drums
Max D Pinto - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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