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Supermachine - Self-Titled Award winner

by CJ "Music God" Plain at 15 April 2013, 6:08 PM

Often when writing reviews, I am faced with the task of dissecting a bands sound, breaking it down to find comparisons to other bands. By doing that, you can describe to the listeners other artists that they resemble in sound and style. On occasion, you hit upon a band that sounds remarkably like one of your all-time favourite bands without them having anything at all in common with that said band. SUPERMACHINE is one of those bands.

While listening to the self titled album from this New Hampshire based band, I was struck by how much they reminded me of the band SPREAD EAGLE and WARRIOR SOUL. What also became apparent was that this was not a case of one band trying to emulate another. It's ironic because I'm sure that SUPERMACHINE has probably never heard of either of the aforementioned bands due to their seminal status during the mid-90s Hard Rock hey days.

The album kicks off with the ultra-groovy tune, "Solution". It has a huge bass and drum groove with some killer vocals from David Nebbia. He has that same kind of gritty, huge range that Ray West from SPREAD EAGLE is known for. It's a great start to the CD and lets you know that the band is here to rock. "Broken" continues the affair with a crunchy guitar and vocal combination that is slightly reminiscent of early ALICE IN CHAINS mixed with a touch of AEROSMITH.

On the track "MT", once again you're reminded of ALICE IN CHAINS but in a much more melodic and groovy way. This is a fantastic band with some real muscle in the tunes. The rhythm section sounds massive and really drives this whole CD. The song, "Buffalo" starts with some tasty blues inspired guitar before the tune kicks into full gear and just rocks your face off. The band continues to rock with reckless abandon on the song, "Pill Cruise", which features some monster guitar from Jay Fortin.

SUPERMACHINE is exactly as the name describes. This is a band of extremely talented guys playing a style of hard rock and groove metal that will have you moving in your chair. The songs are catchy as hell while still maintaining the huge groove they are built around.

I would highly recommend this to anyone that like a good, heavy, groove laden rock affair. I hope to hear lots more from these guys. 

4 Star Rating

1. Solution
2. Broken
3. Transformer
4. MT
5. Josey Wales
6. Flesh Farm
7. Buffalo
8. Pill Cruise
9. Crutch
10. Heavy Bullet
11. Warlord
Jay Fortin - Guitars
Paul Jarvis - Bass
Mike McNeill - Drums
David Nebbia - Vocals
Record Label: Small Stone Records


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