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Supreme Carnage - Morbid Ways to Die Award winner

Supreme Carnage
Morbid Ways to Die
by Kayla Hutton at 29 April 2018, 2:21 PM

Formed in 2010 from Münster Germany SUPREME CARNAGE are going to delight all of your death metal loving senses with their 4th release, “Morbid Ways To Die”, due out 05.26.18 through Raw Skull Recordz(EU) and Redefining Darkness Records(US). This nine-song album provides a lesson in brutality that mixes old-school influence with a modern skill set. Elements of European melodic riffage, straightforward drums and deep-toned yells rather than grunting are going to fulfill your wildest expectations and perhaps raise the bar when it comes to getting shit done.

While there is nothing to incredibly complicated or off time the two guitar sound plays out perfectly, complimenting the other, as one performs a solid rhythm with palm muted successions while the other lays out mid ranged melodies that aren't quit leads but give each song a multi-cultured personality. Appealing to fans of American inspired styles similar to LAMB OF GOD and FEAR FACTORY, Swedish born melody and the thick heavy sound found in Germany, SUPREME CARNAGE will fill the void with their diversity and style.

“Lies of the Civilized”, the albums third track, was the first to really pull me in. Beginning with a simplistic rock beat followed by the slide down the guitar's fretboard the chugging begins and is layered with a DISMEMBER styled second guitar. The dynamic is there and at each point that the band joins in it’s enough to knock ya backward. One hit from SUPREME CARNAGE is as hard as a rusty but sturdy and reliable sledgehammer. The vocals are low and answered back by a LAMB OF GOD pitched second vocal line. The lyrics are somewhat audible and at the 3:20 mark the slowed down emphasis on Downbeat, Upbeat, Downbeat is like a count in to ready, set, DESTROY.

“The War of Ages to Come” also demonstrates this slowed down punch in the face around the 2-minute mark. Similar to a Viper snake, waiting and building in anticipation, and then with an instant, the snake lunges forward with power stronger than it’s own body weight. SUPREME CARNAGE is the snake and strikes repeatedly. “Morbid Ways to Die“ finishes and exits with “Fountain of Suffering.” Delivering construction that is never sloppy and offers plenty of punch. The foundation laid with the 90’s staple of meat and potatoes has been modernly molded into an ax-wielding sculpture that boasts its victims head on a stake. The audio production is clean and crisp and each instrument is easily deciphered on computer speakers and it defiantly passed the car test. Mark your calendar for 5.26.18. When “Morbid Ways to Die” is unleashed, you will experience SUPREME CARNAGE.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Fire Prevails
2. Morbid Ways to Die
3. Lies of the Civilized
4. The World is Lost
5. You Die Alone
6. Base Motives
7. The War of Ages to Come
8. 1008 Pints of Death
9. Fountain of Suffering
Jorge - Vocals
Acker - Guitar
Nova- Guitar
Joni - Bass
Mirko - Drums
Record Label: Raw Skull Recordz


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