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Surgical Strike - Part of a Sick World Award winner

Surgical Strike
Part of a Sick World
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 12 January 2020, 8:13 AM

After a long hiatus into the depths of underground, Thrash Metal came back to life, but a bit distant from its classical format. The lessons from the 80’s were learned and expanded a lot by many bands, especially from THE HAUNTED. And the German quintet SURGICAL STRIKE seems to be a follower of such way, because “Part of a Sick World” show many Metal elements from different genres into its content.

Their musical way is really something that can be said as modern Thrash Metal in some moments, but bearing elements from Melodic Death Metal, especially from Finnish School (obviously, the name of CHILDREN OF BODOM can arise in the melodic moments, especially during the guitar solos). But be prepared for some blast beats in many moments (as can be heard on “Dead End Gone”), and an amazing (and personal) rush of energy coming from the speakers, with great melodies and choruses! Yes, that’s a great album! Such musical work could only exist with a very good sound quality that could fit on what the band needs. And they got it, because everything is really sounding clean and understandable, but as aggressive and sharp as a blade of solid steel. It’s an almost perfect sonority what “Part of a Sick World” bears!

The songs are really amazing, something personal and that can blow up your ears! 11 mass killing songs are waiting, but the very good technical work and weighty approach of “Dead End Gone” (excellent guitars and ‘zetronian’ vocals in many parts), the catching “Failed State” (very good work from bass guitar and drums, and they’re guiding the rhythm in a solid and technical way), the ‘bang your head against the wall’ riffs of “Politicians” (something that remind the spearheading elements from ANTHRAX golden age), the mix between brutality and melodies presented on “Lambs to the Slaughter” (very good vocals and double bass presence), the smashing heavy weight of “Part of a Sick World” (the excellent rhythmic contrasts are amazing) and the Hardcore essence of “Sorrow of War” are their best shots in the ears. But “Part of this Sick World” is an album easy to hear and love.

SURGICAL STRIKE came to be great, to make the difference in a world where copycatting others came a form of making music, and “Part of a Sick World” is a breath of fresh life into things. Hear it and prepare to be in love with it!

Musicianship: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Dead End Gone
2. Failed State
3. Politicians
4. Conspiracy
5. Below Zero
6. Lambs to the Slaughter
7. Not in this Life
8. Part of a Sick World
9. Confrontation
10. Sorrow of War
11. The Breed
Jens Albert - Vocals
Marcelo Vasquez Rocha - Guitars
Frank Ruhnke - Guitars
Florian Seybecke - Bass
Moritz Menke - Drums
Record Label: Metalville Records


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